Audience Ideologies

To better my understanding of my target audience, I created an audience profile of someone who is typically expected to listen to Saige. This research into audience demographics and psychographics should hopefully avoid oppositional reading and instead achieve a preferred reading with successful encoding from me, as the producer, and decoding from my target audience. I also looked into uses and gratifications which should ensure that the audience is entertained, informed, can interact socially and can bolster their personal identity. 








Music Video Draft 4

Below is our draft 4 for our video; we worked on our previous comments and adjusted our edit.



Here is some filmed feedback that we received from our class mates:

(Unfortunately the sound quality isn’t great on this video however,  thankfully we were present at the time of filming and can therefore make out what they are saying).


Targets for improvement:

  • shorten the clip of the second first verse
  • edit some of the shots so that they don’t seem repetitive- maybe by changing the framing/ angle

Specsavers Creative Team Feedback

The Specsavers Creative Team came into our school to review our work and to give us advice and guidance for our music videos. This proved extremely helpful as they are in the professional creative industry and therefore we really valued their opinion.

They mostly spoke to us about the technical skills on Premiere Pro, as they were very impressed with our variety of shots and creative streak throughout the video. Furthermore some advice and hacks they gave us about Premiere Pro included:

  • create sequences for your separate drafts
  • separate your footage into bins
  • being able to use the warp stabiliser to prevent shot shakiness.

I have also added some videos in which reminded us of how to do these skills when improving our drafts.

To conclude, the team really gave us confidence in our work which we were very grateful for as it came from people who had never seen the video before. Their feedback was honest and their advice has appeared extremely helpful when organising our footage, editing our shots and referring back to old drafts quickly and easily.

Music Video Draft 3

Here is our draft three of our music video.

We changed a lot in this edit for example we quickened the pace of the edit near the end of the video to keep audience engagement throughout.

Below are some comments from our peers:

Having considered these comments and our own thoughts some targets for improvement are:

  • Colour correction on shots so eery themes are consistent throughout.
  • Ensure the lip sync is in time.
  • Make sure all edits are clean, crisp and stabilised.

Feedback from Teacher

Below is a link to a screen castify from Mrs Cobb with her feedback from our most recent draft:

Summary of feedback given:

  • To stabilise the roll shot at the beginning.
  • The verse two shot is too long and would be more interesting to see some more shots taken from behind the star.
  • Interesting use of glitches and cuts between shots but the cuts to a black screen are overused and need to be experimented with.
  •  Have a look at some of the jump cuts as some seem slightly out of place whilst maintaining a varied contrast of editing skills.

To conclude, I agree with the above feedback and will continue to use these pointers to improve our video.

Music Video Draft 2

Above is our most recent draft of our music video, having now done all our planned shoots and re shoots.

Overall I feel the video is a good starting point for the structure and pace of what we aim our final product to be. We managed to create some exciting and visually engaging shots that achieve a sense of disturbance for viewers which is something that we wanted from the outset of our production.

What went well:

  • Performance and lip syncing – our star really let loose and was open for some very experimental acting techniques in which have pushed our video to new heights. The lip syncing is more in time and accurate and has clearly improved from our last draft.
  • Shot differences- having done two more shoots we were able to display a wider variety of shot angles and distanced which has made the video a lot more interesting to watch.
  • Quick edit- some of the pacing of out edit is extremely quick which contrasts with the slower moving shots; this fits the genre of our music video perfectly whilst still keeping audiences engaged.

Targets for improvement:

  • The roll shots at the beginning need to be stabilised and re edited as the are shaky and badly cut therefore do not achieve the eery and conflicting start to the video we had intended.
  • The colour corrections needs to be altered on a lot of the shots due to the constant change of setting and lighting to make it consistent throughout the video.
  • There is a shot of our star smiling in slo mo near the beginning of the video which should not have made the edit as it is unprofessional and candid which does not fit the genre of the video.

Shoot Evaluation Sausmarez Manor

Our shoot at Sausmarez Manor was interesting as we had very little time and lots to do; however we went prepared so we managed to get everything done. The venue itself was ornate and delicate so we had to be careful with all the surroundings. It was perfect for a complete comparison with our dingy setting of the Underground Hospital.

Although, an issue in the venue was lighting as the walls were yellow as were the tints of the lights. However having review some footage, I think it is easily solved with colour editing on Premiere Pro.

Some of my favourite shots included the extreme closeup of her feet walking, the high angle shot from above the table and the silhouette in the stain glass window.

This shot is a closeup of our performer’s feet which almost strips the identity from the artist, creating a sense of mystery.

This high angle shot is as if our performer is being watched by a higher power, that metaphorically being the idea of dominance.

This mid shot is a silhouette shown as the final shot of the video, expressing the theme of regal dominance.

Overall, I think it was a successful shoot.

Shoot Evaluation ( Re Shoot Underground)

Our re shoot for the Underground hospital was a lot more successful than the first. Our lighting was improved and we were a lot more familiar with the equipment and area. Having done our first shoot at the same venue, it helped the second time as we could easily navigate the area and know what shots we needed and where.

We took along professional LED lights that really made a difference to the quality of the shots which made them clean and crisp. These lights could be extended which was really useful when taking different shots at variations of angles meaning our video will be exciting and engaging whilst still looking professional.

Overall, we were extremely happy with the outcome of out shoot.

Shoot Evaluation (Studio Shoot)

In general, our studio shoot was very successful. We came out with some great quality footage as well as allowing us to experiment with static and creative ideas. For example we tried a foundation poor: This gave us some really visually interesting shots which have connotations of feeling lost and out of control of yourself; this links perfectly in with our video.

Additionally, we had no trouble with the equipment as the lighting was good and we were able to adapt it and alter it to give the right effects. The camera was efficient and we had no trouble with an unstable tripod.

Although, if we were to do this again I would have liked to have spent more time on it as we were rushed due to out of school commitments. But overall it was successful.