Website Draft 3

Having received feedback from our teacher through the screen castify, we have made a number of improvements to our website.

We have removed the bank space from below the fold, as well as adjusted the navigation bar removing tour as it is featured on the home page, as well as making the sign up page news as well. 

We have also created album themed merchandise with the star’s distinct brand.

We have also made the sign up page a news page also, featuring recent quotes fro the artist only featured on her website.


Targets for improvement:

  • I think tour needs to go back on the navigation bar just to avoid confusion
  • It can get frustrating having to click ‘SAIGE.’ to go back to the home page every time so maybe keep the navigation bar on each page
  • update the music page with recent album

Website Draft 2


Above is a screen castify made by our teacher giving feedback on our draft 2 of our website; not much had changed apart form some more information and been added. Here are her suggested target for improvement:

  • blank space below the fold on the landing page
  • links on the left below the fold on the landing page need to be adjusted
  • take tour off navigation bar
  • too old fashioned font on music page
  • keep navigation bar on each page
  • link to iTunes on music page
  • blurb on music video
  • sort merch page by using merch site
  • make sure all the picture are our own on subscription page with captions
  • news page

Flow Chart and Preferred Template

Below is a flow chart in which we created to ensure we had included all aspects of the website we intended to and to make sure we had all the correct information in all the right places. We used a flow chart so that we could clearly see the layout of the website and easily determine whether it would be effectively navigated by audiences. We believe that this is a good and efficient layout for our website to meet its intended purposes.

WIX Template:

We decided on the Wix template called “ Fashion Designer“.

This template is spacious and simple with white being the dominating theme which is perfect for our alternative indie genre. Additionally, it will give us the opportunity to create our preferred navigation bar and pages whilst still maintaining the stylised and current vibe we wish to have throughout our website. Also the simple design layout means that the branding and star image will be consistent throughout the most recent digipak and the website with lots of white space, hopefully proving engaging for audiences.

Website Terminology


To ensure that I am aware of the technical forms that are conventional of a website I looked at our star’s own website- Billie Eilish. To describe the website, I would use the words experimental, creative and an experience. This task will help when we create our own websites as we will understand what is conventional and unconventional of a website and our alternative indie genre. Moreover, with this knowledge we will be able to encode the website accurately so that the audience can decode the intended meanings as well as meeting the Blumler and Katz gratifications theory so that audience will make effective use of the website.