So Hows it going ?

Through doing a media a level i have learnt a few transferable most notably my wiring skills have noticeably improved from the beginning of the term I am now miles better in regrades to technical aspects like grammar and spelling but im also generally better at creative writing. I have had to write articles, multiple blog posts and essays  witch in turn has helped me develop a skill, through learning how to properly structure a essay or article and learning the appropriate style or language for both.

My communication skills have improved, having to work with models and giving them clear and concise requests communication is key in order for everyone to understand, i also  have learnt a host of writing skills witch have greatly aided me such as grammar etc and are massively useful and should help in the future.

I feel my course would have been better if I stayed on top of my workload, I wasn’t organised and as a result had to play catch up for allot of the time and it put allot of stress on me if i was to do it again i would have stayed on top of it more and would have been a lot more relaxed.



Question 4 (ccr4)



a new and improved contents page


This is my improved contents page, I changed the color scheme as i felt that is looked strange and didn’t quite reflect the punk aesthetic as the colors weren’t strong enough, and I feel the black red and white contrast very nicely. The font i also felt was week and as a result I ditched the miss match font idea in favor of a  bolder font that really reflects a more modern punk aesthetic. The image has also changed from previously a model with a seeming man in a suite, i see now that reflects the wrong thing as the point of punk is too reject society normality witch this character clearly represents so I changed it to my cover model looking quite nonchalant.


These are the adverts I have chosen for my magazine, I chose the top add as i belief with the political undertones of punk music the majority of them would be quite aware politically so advertising fro a charity makes sense. The hard rock cafe is also relevant as its an established rock and alternative music ”club” i feel like someone that would be interested in reading this would also be interested, especially regarding the general age of out audience ( mostly between 16-24) a mid range cafe that caters to there style would be appreciated.

A new improved dps

This is an improved version of my double page spread, using the criticism and peer assessment of my first draft of my double page. In the end i didn’t change the typeface of the mast head but I did make it more prominent, I also proof read it so now it all makes sense. In the end   turned some of the text red to so make it stand out and now contrasts very nicely to the white and black background, its also a different red that is slightly darker so when on the cross it doesn’t blend in too much. A new addition is now the pages have numbers witch was much needed.