So Hows it going ?

Through doing a media a level i have learnt a few transferable most notably my wiring skills have noticeably improved from the beginning of the term I am now miles better in regrades to technical aspects like grammar and spelling but im also generally better at creative writing. I have had to write articles, multiple blog posts and essays  witch in turn has helped me develop a skill, through learning how to properly structure a essay or article and learning the appropriate style or language for both.

My communication skills have improved, having to work with models and giving them clear and concise requests communication is key in order for everyone to understand, i also  have learnt a host of writing skills witch have greatly aided me such as grammar etc and are massively useful and should help in the future.

I feel my course would have been better if I stayed on top of my workload, I wasn’t organised and as a result had to play catch up for allot of the time and it put allot of stress on me if i was to do it again i would have stayed on top of it more and would have been a lot more relaxed.



Question 4 (ccr4)



So… I am ready to photograph my star

My mission statement for my magazine is ”we make music for people who listen” this could be communicated as its a music enthusiasts magazine for music enthusiasts, compared to pop witch is usually listens too quite passively, my ”brand” would communicate authenticity and a comparable understanding of the genre as if i lived through the punk movement in the 70s. As a result feel my shoot needs to incorporate allot of classic punk elements for instance battle jackets, braces and boots. The setting should also communicate this being grime or dirty like a back ally for instance. I may photograph my start from a lower angle than usual so to make him appear more powerful or with a higher status, i could also incorperate a canted angle to communicate his chaotic vision witch the canted angle has connotations of.

Design skills 1

In this term i have learned a multitude of design skills as well as a plethora of camera skills including in design, witch is a program i had previously never used but am a lot more comfortable now, the program was quite intimidating and now  I am fairly comfortable with it. Though in In-design I have made a tour poster and the cover for a print magazine, it did include me learning to use Photoshop  witch is another program I wasn’t particularly comfortable with  and had to lean how to cut out images and feather them for a print magazine and the challenge came when i had to incorporate hair into that. I do feel that the tour poster could have gone better, I feel that I got carried away and added to much possibly ruining the design  slightly, however i am quite happy with my magazine cover.

Image result for select tool photoshop"

(This is the quick select tool witch is is used to select images in Photoshop to be placed in Photoshop or in-design)


Image result for levels tool photoshop"

(This is the levels tool witch is useful for cutting out hair as you can turn up the contrast and cut out the background witch is allot easier that using the quick select tool)


So… I’m ready to make some media!

While designing a magazine cover i have to keep allot in mind so to create something successful and effective. Something useful to keep in mind is mise en scene, this means that everything in the shot places some meaning witch is an incredible tool as it can denote allot, for instance the genre can be shown through the clothes that are worn for instance big boots ripped jeans and jackets covers in patches heavily suggest that its punk. the angle and lights can also do something similar for instance a low angle and hard light from the left could make the subject look powerful, i would love to utilise something similar in my shoot as not only does it denote power but could also be used to create mystery. Similarly the distance can make a huge difference, a close up can suggest intimacy and a mid shot can communicate something more casual like a friendship. The typography eg font gives the magazine a drastically different vibe, for instance an cursive serif font wouldn’t fit on a punk music magazine. All of the factors of this make a drastic difference to both the style and presentation of your magazine but also the audience you  cultivate as a result.

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How Camera Creates meaning

Different camera angles can very easily communicate meaning through different way people are represented throughout for instance a high angle can make someone look vulnerable and in a similar  vain a low angle shot makes someone looks tough and powerful, this technique can communicate to an audience or reader what someones role, status, emotional state or relationships are  without them having to say anything  witch can make advertising in particular allot easier.