Final Song Choice

The final choice for our music video is Manchester by Drake we chose it because:

Its menacing enough with its low notes and heavy bass to fit the nefarious ideas of following a mob.

Its a great image of a the stereotype of rap without all the troubling subject matter of guns and drugs and minimal racial slurs

The song is at the perfect tempo to the point where its not horribly difficult for someone to lip sync.

The subject matter is vague witch allows up too add almost any narrative we feel appropriate as long as we keep the basic idea of wealth in the picture,

my favourite music video from a former student

What I like About the video:

-the vintage filter

-the fish eye lense (reminicsant of beastie boys)

-the two tone outfits  and skateboarding imagery, makes me think of blinc 182 and simple plan.

I Don’t Like;

How theirs no narrative it plays more like a montage from a coming of age film it doesn’t feel like a music video