Music videos detailed analysis

I decided to analize Rihanna – We Found Love – ft. Calvin Harris. What i could deduct from what was shown is that it follows a young relationship of two young people that are avid drug users. However the relationship turns south and is broken when the boyfreind ends up overindulging and becomes an consumed, we can see this taking a toll on the relationships as a result of the many arguments featuring throughout(2.45). There are multiple shots that would indicate constant drug use for instance the many shots of pills falling(1:44 1;49), shots of the male face down asleep on the floor next to a messy room witch an audience would naturally acociate   with ”junkies”, there’s also multiple scenes of a pupil dilating as if taking a foreign substance(1:45) and a very key scene of a cigarette burning in luminescent colours witch is definitely a huge indicator (1;58) , it also features scenes of the room spinning witch is a known archetype of people that are intoxicated(1:08). It appears this video is aimed and an audience of young people typically young and middle class as a result of being a typically fun song with fashion that would appear to fit young people and the lack of themes common in music aimed at the lower class e.g crime, money or uprising e.g punk or rap.

I also decided to explore tin pan boy by by yung blood, the video explore a young lower class man as a housing development moves in and changes the community, this song is a protest song about the upper class and the government treating lower class citizens. This is evident by the opening ”this huge construction project could also change the characters or areas around it that’s the worry at least of the people of tin pan ally” it also features many clips off  a stereotypical construction foreman (suite with aviators hard hat and hi vis jacket on a golden throne surrounded by beautiful women (0;31) this is clearly trying to infer both wealth and advantage compared to the star that is wearing quite a plane black hoodie and black jeans for the majority of the video. There is more evidence to support the idea of the higher class taking advantage of a underprivileged youth as evident by a clip of our star being thrown up against a wall and arrested (0;26) this is clearly a story about the upper class taking advantage of poor young people and the artist protesting it. This song is clearly aimed at a lower class younger audience as evident by the style particularly his cadence when singing and the subject matter.



Contents analysis of 4 music videos Reflect on what you have learnt about conventions of music videos

I have noticed of the music videos i looked at there was a number of consistent conventions throughout the music videos throughout, for instance the star is obviously typically front and centre but also there’s a lot of use of tilt pan and zoom , the camera allot of the time is constantly moving, most likely to keep up the energy so that the video can match with the music. I did also realise that allot of the time there’s a lot of large open space typically where the band or artist would play, If i where to Hazard a guess as to why it would be because then all eyes are on the band in a very distracting and neatural format.