The Ultimate Villain (The Joker)


  • The joker attacks and exposes Batman’s weaknesses. Every superhero has their own weakness. For instance, Superman has cryptonite which many villains use against him.
  • Joker causes Batman to deal with difficult moral situation.  Choose Harvey dent or Rachel. This moral decision allows us as viewer to paint Batman in a new light.
  • They both have the same goal. They both have a version of Gotham that they want to have both of which are contradicting each other.
  • Batman becomes a better person due to Joker.
  • The joker creates his own material and doesn’t meet the normal cliche

Overall the Joker makes Batman better. It makes us (the audiance) understand Batman. We may see Batman as a hero or just a dick but either way we understand his reasons more because he doesn’t seem to be a powerful being. The Joker brings him down a peg and makes his character more human.

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