The Music Industry Part 2 – Please read and listen to this before you tackle the task in classroom

The Big Three – AKA The Major Labels

The Big 3 labels are dominant players in the music industry.

They are in turn owned by massive media conglomerates.

But, what is a conglomerate?

Slide show on conglomerate in classroom.

So, what does a record label actually do?

And who are the Indies?

This article outlines some of the best indie record labels on the scene.  Click on the arrow on the right of the photo to see who the label is.

Task 1

In groups complete the allocated slide for one of the record labels you have been allocated. The Slideshare is in classroom.


Remember when you see a term like ‘institutions’ in a question, then you are being asked to consider those who are responsible to making the media (labels, producers, performers etc).

When you see the term ‘ global institution’ you are specifically looking at the ‘Conglomerates, The Big 3.’

When you see the term ‘audiences’ you are looking at those who consume the music – you.


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