Distance Learning – Week 6 – Marketing and Cross Media Convergence and Synergy

Intro to this week’s work:


These are just a few ideas to use for case studies for exciting and innovative ways artists have managed to use marketing to raise their profile.  They are completely up to date so should be valued case studies for the essay.  The template for analysing the case studies is on classroom. If every student does one story then you will have a lovely library of examples to choose from.


  • Cross Media Convergence – when media platforms/channels/companies work for each other i.e. music in a film, music in a video game.
  • Synergy – when music producers/artists work with other industries to endorse products or promote their own i.e. merchandise, branding, influencers etc.
  • Viral Marketing – a marketing campaign that uses the interactive nature of the Web 2.0 to encourage news, information, details of an artist, recording, performance to be spread as far and as wide as possible. It relies on it ‘speading like a virus’ as social media users, click, open, push, pull and pass on information.
  • Guerrilla Marketing – a ‘one off, new worthy, headline grabbing’ marketing stunt, campaign, event that often goes viral and creates an on-line buzz or modern day word of mouth.

Some Context

First of all – what is advertising, marketing and how is the term integrated advertising such an important term in relation to promotion music and finding the target audiences?

Task 10: Watch this video.


You will be allocated two case studies to read and complete a slide for on the class case study slideshare.  One will be allocated on the slideshare and one will be from the attached document below. These particular examples come from some very recent marketing campaigns and may indeed contain examples that you, yourself have been exposed to and engaged with.

  • Session 1 – Task 10 – Watch Mr Gregson’s intro and Integrated Advertising (above) and make notes – template on Google Classroom. (0.5 hr)
  • Session 2 Task 11 – Read and watch the Anima (Radiohead) article and video for a recent marketing campaign and answer the questions on the sheet (see Google Classroom). (1hr)
  • Session 2 + 3 – Task 12  – Case study slideshare story (Slideshow) – read and make slide. (1.5 hr)
  • Session 4 + 5 – Task 13 – Case study from Sandbox – read and record slide (1.5 hr) – See Google Classroom for voicethread link – to be released Friday 1 May.
    • Completion for Monday 4 May
  • Monday 4 May – day to catch up

We will start the final stage of the Music Industry – Exhibition and Exchange on Tuesday 5 May.


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