Distance Learning – Week 7 – Music Industry – Exhibition and Exchange 4/5 – 10/5

Hi, well done to all of you for keeping on top of this – we recognise it is not easy for some of you but we are impressed with the majority response to the work online.

This is the outline for this week in case you want to plan the way ahead. All posts will be on classroom and some resources will be copied onto the blog too,  to ensure that you know what to do. We will also set overviews on MILK. Don’t forget to amend the blog league so that your teachers can keep on top of what you are doing.

  • Monday  – Catch up on posts or rest.
  • Tuesday/Wednesday
    •  Task 14 – Exhibition and Exchange – Scavenger Hunt Collage  0.5 hr – submit to classroom
    • Task 15 – Converged Technology – Generation Game  – 0.5 hr – we trust you to play the game and amend the blog.
  • Thursday/Friday
    • Task 16 – Glossary of terms – Quizlet – 1 hr – submit to classroom
    • Task 17 – Complete case studies on slideshare Exhibition & Exchange and Converged Technology and Digital Technology –  1 hr – submit to class slideshare on classroom
  • Friday – Bank Holiday but catch up on outstanding posts.


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