Week 10 – Distance Learning – Task 24 – Textual Analysis – Sound in TV Drama

Overview of the week:

  • Session 1 – The Big Ideas – Mr G screencastify to complete Music Industry – 1 hr
  • Session 2 – Blog collation – Music Industry – 1 hr
  • Session 3 – Screen Castify for Sound – 10 mins
  • Session 4/5 – Sound Presentation and Terms – 1 hr
  • Session 6 – Merlin sequence – 1 hr
  • Session 7 – Revisit all terms if you have time for Camera, Sound, Editing and MES – 1 hr

Session 3 – Task 24 – presentation and Quizlet

So far you have explored and used 3 of the 4 microfeatures that you will need to reference in your Textual Analysis of a TV drama clip – they are Mise en Scene, Camera and Editing. This is the final are that you need to consider in your textual analysis and that is how Sound is used to represent events, characters, themes and issues in the moving image.

Here is a PowerPoint on sound in film & TV drama.

It contains all the key words you need to use to describe types of sound in your textual analysis essay, it also gives some examples from film.

Take the quizlet and let me know your score from the test in the blog league post.



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