DP copywrite and template

Copyright Info

© & Ⓟ Your name/band nameyear. All rights of the produced and of the owner of the work reproduced reserved. Unauthorized copying, hiring, lending, public performance and broadcasting of this recording prohibited.

You can use the publisher logo and barcode from the web.

Use the digipak template in indesign or Mr Gregson’s in the P Drive.

P:\Digipack Template

If you want it to be absolutely accurate then use the following dimensions which will fit in the plastic covers better.

Front Cover and Inside Left.

  • 125mm wide x 120mm high

Inside Right:

  • 140mm wide x 120mm high

Back Cover:

  • 150mm wide (includes 2 x spines of 5mm each) x 120mm high

Your Digipak project should look something like this.

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