Screencastify your analysis of a professional Facebook/Instagram page


AIDA (attention, interest, desire and call to Action), entertainment, information, personal identity, social interaction, uses and gratification, integrated advertising, promotion, viral/guerilla marketing, technical conventions, USP = ALL THE KEY TECHNICAL CONVENTIONS TERMS YOU CAN INCLUDE.

Research Task – Group task

  • As a group, choose a Facebook page for an artist, similar to yours or your can choose your own artist in real life.
  • Using all the terms you now know, script and record a Screencastify of your star.

Answer these questions during the Screencastify:

  1. What is conventional about the page in terms of technical conventions (use terms).
  2. How does the Facebook page encourage AIDA (Attention Interest Desire Action) through its design and content?
  3. How does the Facebook page enable the audience to find Uses and Gratification.
    1. How does provide its users with opportunities for Entertainment, Information, Personal Identity and Social Interaction.
  4. How far is the Facebook page a good example of integrated advertising and how far does it encourage it to go ‘viral’ and use ‘guerrilla’ marketing to help promote its star?

Use key terms related to star image i.e. extraordinary, ordinary, paradox of the star and also key terms related to audience i.e. encode, decode, preferred reading etc.

This a link to one done last year for a ‘website’.  The idea is the same though.

Click on the image to listen to the screen castify.

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