Marketing Ideas and a Timeline Strategy


Viral, guerilla, promotions, AIDA (attractive/attention, interest, desire and call to Action), marketing campaign, timeline, entertainment, information, social interaction, personal identity, teasers.

Timing is an essential skill in building a marketing campaign.

A good marketing campaign starts with teasers, publishes launch dates, offers sneak peeks, offers interactive experiences, builds the excitement through a series of events, building to a climax which is…the album launch.

You should consider this within your group, and with reference to professional examples.

When and what you are going to post to build your campaign to a fever pitch of fan excitement?

TASK 1: Marketing Research

This is a golden opportunity to remind yourself about the professional marketing campaigns which, led to the release of an album that we explored when we studied the music industry.
This acts as revision for your mock exam in February.

Remember SANDBOX:

Using the Sandbox Case Studies from the music industry, you must find approximately 3 exciting marketing ideas that you can ‘borrow’ for your own campaign.

Remember you want your content to go viral, you might even want some guerrilla marketing stunts in there and some teasers too! The sky’s the limit!

TASK 2: Timeline for the Marketing campaign – PLAN IT WELL AND IT WILL HAPPEN REALLY EASILY

Create a chronological timeline of what you will post and when. You can use an app or simply use post it notes with the specific:

Posts, video, gifs, memes, live-chats, promotions, interviews, teasers, merchandise, tickets, endorsements, events…etc

A minimum of 10 exciting, purposeful posts.

Take a photo and then you can start populating, designing, crafting your page for Draft 1.

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