CR Essay – Conventions and Representation – Week 1

The Brief:

Candidates must write an evaluative essay of around 1000 words. This critical reflection of their work should be guided by the following compulsory questions:

  1. How do your products represent social groups or issues?
  2. How do the elements of your production work together to create a sense of ‘branding’?
  3. How do your products engage with the audience?
  4. How did your research inform your products and the way they use or challenge conventions?

This critical reflection must be completed individually, even if candidates had collaborated in the creation of their products.


Task: Initial Brainstorm

You have already done a huge amount of research, planning & design as you made you multi media marketing package for the release of an album

As a whole class we completed the round robin and you are going to think about how you would answer these 2 questions using your own specific products:

  1. How did your research inform your music video and the way it uses or challenge conventions?
  2. How does your digipack represent the star and the issues they are concerned about?

You should describe and analyse your products with reference to specific examples and use terminology (just cite the theorist) to describe how those conventional features have been used, developed, challenged (designed) by you to construct/represent a specific set of ideas, which is: your brand or mission statement! 

You must then go on to say how your representation (ideology) of your star and issues raised in digipak were shaped by you.

Task 1

  • Recap what conventions means?
  • Recap what representation means?

Task 2

  • Read the template, draft sheet.

Task 3

  • Then begin to make your own submissions regarding conventions in the music video and regarding representation in the digipak.
  • @ 250 words for Conventions and 250 words for Representation.

  • The conventional design features in your video, include examples such as lighting, framing & composition, camera movement  mise-en-scene, editing styles, filters, effects g along with narrative structure and themes and also technical conventions such as lip syncing, edit to the beat.
  • The representation of social groups or issues in your digipak: include ideas such as star image, genre, brand – use of filters, fonts, body language, MES, imagery etc. And representation of issues – genre, the ‘vibe’ of the genre – anarchic, rebellious, contemplative, organic, upbeat?

To ensure you are addressing the question – bold or highlight or underline every time you use:

  • the terms use, develop, challenge, copy, emulate, follow etc
  • the terms represent, portray, convey, infer, imply etc
  • every time you have an adjective in the analysis of how the groups/issues are represented.

These are the assessment objectives – so keep it in mind when you are writing your response.


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