CR – Audience Engagement

  1. How do your products engage with the audience? (250 – 300 words)

A Recap on Marketing

Use the template to draft a response to the question.

Focus on the Social Media Page as this is where engaging the audience is tackled on so many levels and through the various products and across various platforms.

Think about those key ideas from the Uses and Gratification Theory – Blumler and Katz and why people seek to consume the media:

  • Entertainment
  • Information
  • Personal Identity
  • Social Interaction

‘AIDA’ – The Marketing Mantra

The goals of all marketing campaigns. AIDA

  • attract
  • interest
  • desire
  • (call to) action

You might also weave in some key terms like encode, decode, target audience, demographic, ideologies, beliefs, representation etc.

  • Find two examples from the Social Media Page.
  • Describe their clear purpose of engaging the (interactive) audience.
  • Attach the key terms to them.
  • Cite the theorists.
  • Answer the question!

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