CR – Branding

How do the elements of your production work together to create a sense of ‘branding’?

What is Branding?

  • A lifestyle – a set of values, attitudes and beliefs.
  • A recognizable: name, symbol or design.
  • The brand ‘lives in the minds and gut reactions of your audience’.

Integrated Advertising

It’s important that you are drawing examples from across your multimedia campaign.

There should be consistency of:

  • Design
  • Message
  • Colour & Image

…all which should be serving to promote a unified & coherent star image.

You are The Brand Navigator.


This is the intro paragraph (although we’ve come it to last it will be introductory paragraph in your essay).

  1. Define your brand – this is ‘your mission statement’
  2. Explain what elements of design are consistent across your products
    1. These are the coherent design elements across your multimedia package, which communicate meaning (the brand values)
  3. The message around ideology (values, attitudes and beliefs) which are central to your artists star image & the album they are just releasing (Hall)
  4. Use some key buzz phrases from the above videos.

Make sure you have three images in this section, one from each of the products. You should also refer to at least one other unifying feature which communicates your brand message.

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