Golden Gregsons Your Nomination

The Golden Gregsons are coming:

  • Where – The Performing Arts Centre
  • When –  Tuesday 30th March 2021 (6.30 – 10.00 PM)

We want to submit your music promo package into one of the award categories.

To do this you must submit your final product as follows:

  • Create a new folder in your project folder in the D Drive called…

‘The Name of Your Song, The name(s) of group members”.

For example: “Love is Blind: Jim, Bob and David”

Folder Content

  • In this folder you should put:
    • A copy of the whole video (file name = the song title)
    • A 30-40 second clip to be played as the videos are nominated
      • (file name = the song title 30 sec clip)
    • 4 x JPEG copies of the four panes of your digipack.
      • (file names = front, back, right, left, spine (if applicable))
    • 4 x JPEG screen shots/ snips of your social media page
      • (file names = SMP1, SMP2, SMP3 & SMP4)
  • Copy this whole folder into: P:\Awards 2021\Year 13 Media


Use the work space marker at the top of the sequence to select your chosen section. When you go to export, make sure you select ‘Work space’ as opposed to ‘Entire Sequence’

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