Introduction to Postmodern Media – what is it?



The coursework is over. ‘The Blog is dead. Long live the Blog!‘ (this, by the way, is an intertextual reference with a hint of parody, so could be classed as an example of postmodern literacy BUT OF COURSE you have to be culturally competent to get it!!)

Heads down…..brains engage.

Off we goooo….

A postmodern joke – get it? No…?


Still stuck? Here are some video explanations:

It is all pretty tricky at the start – but DON’T PANIC!  All you need to know at this stage is that it is a way of ….well, a way of….a manner of….a view about…a style of…..well you know even, we find this hard to define. So…..


In pairs, or small groups, how would you define Postmodernism in 1 – 20 words? If you can do it, you are a super scholar!  Even university professors seem to struggle to agree, but it would be good to have a go. Refer to the videos and the slideshare.  Be prepared to share it with the class.

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