Scattergun examples

Remember, intertextuality is apparent in a wide range of media texts, not just music videos, adverts or music.

Here are some more examples that will help evidence, and illustrate texts that Jameson would critique as being flat and unoriginal.

Try and find your own examples from your own film and TV consumption. There are loads of examples out there and the more you can evidence your ideas in the exam and support your two main texts, the better.

Are we losing our sense of historical reality as a result of postmodern media? Does blur high art and low art.


A recent mini series on BBC 3 highlights the absurdity of the Vloggers we are all so involved in on youtube. Using mockumentary (bricolage of documentary and parody) it highlights how the industry works.  Lots of self-reflexivity as it shows that it is making a documentary on Vloggers but also shows how highly self-reflexive Vloggers are (shows the sound boom, shows the camera, includes the outtakes and how they bend, play with representation through editing, post production and distort time and space etc).  It is subtle because you have to be in it, to get it i.e. culturally competent to get the nuance references and jokes.

A postmodern take on a postmodern phenomena! Great example of how postmodern media plays with time, space and the audience.

Have a look at it – it made me laugh, especially Episode on Health and Beauty.

Useful article on mockumentaries.

And another mockumentary currently on TV, really does run the risk of completely skewing our understanding of history. It parodies the documentary tropes but also parodies the intellectuals associated with dissecting history for the ‘sheeple’.

Self reflexive? Authentic? Presenting the pretence?  Some youtube vloggers reflecting on the self-reflexive nature of their presentations. Fake/Real/Authenticity – is that possible?

The Big Short – breaking the 4th wall, self-reflexive

Good scenes.

Weaponised intertextuality is now almost a well recognised convention of modern movies. Do you think this is a good move and how does it manipulate the relationship between text and audience?

A really interesting analysis of The Lego Movie and why it is a postmodern film.

The Lego Batman Movie 

Postmodern? or post-postmodern?

Reasons by The Lego Movie is a postmodern masterpiece

Try and find your own examples from your own film and TV consumption. There are loads of examples out there and the more you can evidence your ideas in the exam with up to date examples to illustrate your debate, the better your mark will be.

It seems hard to escape the postmodern ‘flatness’ that Jameson argues is prevalent in postmodern media texts of today.

Kingsman – postmodern or just cynical?


Deadpool – you either love it or you hate it!  (see what I have done in terms of a postmodern quotation?)

Deadpool – postmodern and loads of other ideas about postmodernism


It’s all connected – movie links across the genres

And finally, it’s nearly Easter so why not celebrate and see how many Easter Eggs you can see in these Pixar clips – this is now an interelated universe of ‘knowing nods’ to their brand.

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