Task 10: Textual Analysis Timed Essay

Here are the resources for your timed textual analysis essay. These have also been sent to you via Google Classroom, where you should submit the essay and notes.

Textual Analysis Question

You will be shown an extract from Nashville  a total of four times. During the first screening, you should not make notes; during the second, third and fourth screenings there will be an opportunity to make notes and there will be gaps in between for further note-taking. 

Your notes should be made on a piece of paper, photographed and submitted alongside your essay or typed up into the template sent you earlier this week.

Extract: Nashville (Pilot, 2012, dir. Cutler) 

  1. Discuss the ways in which the extract constructs meaning through the following:

    • camera shots, angles, movement and composition

    • editing

    • sound

    • mise-en-scène.



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