Make your video look SPESSHUL

The only way you will get a top grade video, is to play and experiment. Look around the effects section of the programme and try them out. Then look at youtube tutorials to help you out.  Your teachers, know the basics but ever year our students come up with more exciting, innovative and crazy effects. Just do it!


Star Image – the performer


How the star/band/performer is represented in your video and on the digipak and social media page is crucial in constructing the values, attitudes and beliefs of the artist in the mind of the target audience.



Music videos are made primarily to promote the star, in order to sell their music, in order to make money…well mostly!

They are also constructed to construct a set of desires in the target audience to be like them, think like them, love what they love, be involved in their lives & buy what they suggest.

There are huge synergies between marketing and star image! We don’t just buy a product we also buy into the values of the star image and in purchasing their product emulate them. Media representations of the star image is crucial in terms of raising an audience awareness.


They are essentially walking talking brands, who use their branding to advertise, publicise and sell to fans. Stars have to remain constantly interesting to keep the fans intrigued – the star image evolves and is constantly reinvented by media companies! In fact Stars could be seen as its own special kind of ‘species’.

Richard Dyer Handout

Richard Dyer is a theorist you need to learn about. He came up with some concepts about how ‘star image’ works in the media. The link to the concepts booklet is in the menu at the top of the blog. Find it, add it to your drive, print it, LEARN IT!



Your task is to take the ‘star’ (performer, duet, band, group…) you analysed when you did the genre analysis and create a ‘concept board’ on how they are ‘represented‘.

Find examples of news stories, incidents, events, digipak covers, music videos, articles, blogs, tweets that all contribute to their ‘star image’. The way they are represented is called their metanarrative (over arching story about them).

Image result for pinterest

And remember, just as you do in your TV drama analysis – you must add ADJECTIVES to how they appear through that particular event, story, picture etc. You can do this task as a group but must all equally contribute to the page.

This is a link to an excellent example. You should have at least 15 – 20 images and comments.

Visual Shot List – padlet

Instead of a written list of shots we want you to create a visual shotlist of the kind of shots you want to include in your performance shoot.  This is a group effort so share a board amongst you.

However, certain genres (types) of music rely specifically on certain shots as part of the repertoire of elements (conventions, ingredients).  For example:

  • Heavy rock might have canted, hand held camera shots with whip pans a plenty, which helps convey a genre that is energetic, anarchic and rebellious.
  • Indie acoustic might include smoother, longer, pull focus shots that represent the artist as sincere, laid back and unhurried.

You should study other bands of a similar genre and YOUR OWN and then collate @ 9 screen shots and make some GIFS (FOR MOVEMENT) of conventional shots, frames, angles they use in their performances. This way you can begin to learn what is conventional to your genre – remember you have to please your audience so need to make sure your video conforms to their expectations so that it is ultimately, THE SAME BUT DIFFERENT so that it will follow conventions but be different and new and unique enough not to be boring.

You should look at at least 3 – 4 other music videos and use shots from these. You will then title the shots with an explanation of the shot i.e.

  • close up of guitarist’s instrumental mastery represents his skill and talent
  • whip pans between band members looking at each other underlines their close team work and energy
  • master long shot of band performing as a unit portrays their oneness
  • mid shot pan of band members makes them appear approachable and ordinary to the audience
  • extreme close up of lead singer’s expressive face and vocals etc represents him as extraordinary and intense

Always add in some textual analysis….how does that shot help represent, connote, convey, portray the star and ultimately, the genre?  YOU NEED 9 DIFFERENT TYPES OF SHOT; distance, angle, framing, movement, special.

Made with Padlet


Some analysis shots in a different format.


Inspiration – weird and wonderful ideas?

It is always worth looking at OTHER ART forms for inspiration. Photos, art, websites, films, theatre – they could all spark a moment of imagination.

Click on the photos to go to the websites of these photographers to see more of their work. It might just light a spark!

Just some inspiration!  Don;t just look at other music videos.  Watch dance, theatre, adverts, films for ideas on narrative style and contents.

These are just a few links to ‘weird and wonderful’ youtube videos:

Beckett play – Theatre of the Absurd – Quad

Not I – Beckett

Beckett – Acting without words – I High

The Bed Experiment – Theatre of Cruelty

DV8 – Physical Theatre – 3 ballets

This is a link to a really intriguing channel on YouTube. Have a look at his videos though – a myriad of ideas perhaps?


Final Pitch to the teacher and Reflection

This week you will:

  • Meet your group and thrash it out!  Whose idea will you go with?  One or the other or a combination?  If it is a combination, then you will need to create a new presentation using slides from both individual pitches.
  • Complete the Perfect Production Group agreement. Print, sign and embed.
  • Embed all the pitches with summaries in your blog.
  • Meet your teacher and impress them with your pitch. Film it. Top and tail it and embed it and reflect on it.

Remember, to include the following in your slideshare presentation/pitch.

  • Embed the MP3/lyric video
  • Embed the lyrics
  • Complete a word cloud with @ 20 descriptive words, adjectives, adverbs, nouns that come to mind when you listen to the song – synesthesia
  • Complete a very brief 2 sentence description of the narrative – themes and action, location, actors etc
  • Complete a very brief 2 sentence description of the performance – where, MES, who?
  • Be prepared to share your vision with your teacher.

Once you have filmed your pitch. Top and Tail it and put it on your blog via youtube.

Then give yourself:

  • @ 6 x positives that you came away with
  • @ 6 x targets, aspects to consider


Week 10 – Distance Learning – Task 25 – Sound – Merlin

Task 25 – See classroom for the worksheet/template.

You should then analyse the sounds in this TV drama sequence and complete the worksheet on classroom.

Analyse the sound in this sequence from Merlin directed by James Hawes. Analyse how the sound helps develop and represent a sense of place, character and story and in particular, overarching themes and issues. You should analyse the following features of the sound:

  • Diegetic Sound
    • Ambient Sound
    • Environmental Sounds Events
    • Dialogue
  • Non-Diegetic Sounds
    • Music
    • Sound Effects

A worksheet with all the terminology included: Sound Notes

Here is a site which is about to describe music.

GLOSSARY OF SOUND TERMS (along with all the terms you need to know linked here).


Task 20 – Case Study Index (and Task 19 – take a copy of the class slideshare)

Make sure you take a copy of your Class Case Study slideshare first of all and rename it as your own. You can then thin it down and delete ones you don’t like. Or redesign slides etc.

All the instructions and templates are on the blog but listen carefully to Mrs Cobb’s outline and explanation.

Remember to  use examples from across the Class Case Study Slideshare, Anima and the Voicethread Sandbox recording or pdf.

Virtual School – Weeks 3/4 – Easter – Task 6

This is also on classroom so look there too.

It goes without saying that you should all endeavour to bring your blogs up to date. If your Music Video work is still incomplete then do your best to edit the lip sync and get your own personal pitch up along with any music video analysis that is overdue.  Whilst this work is ‘parked’ at the moment, it would be good to get this done and dusted so we are all ready to march on once we are back at school and able to do practical work.

Happy Easter holidays. Look after yourselves.

Keep in touch if you need help.

Mrs Cobb, Miss Hales and Mr Gregson