Home School – Day 1 and Day 2

Before we start the Music Industry, you have two days to complete the blog. Ensure all the posts are done and the blog league is updated by Wednesday morning.

On Wednesday we will start the Music Industry.

If you are up to date, then revisit guernseymedia on youtube and watch as many of our previous videos as possible and watch professional videos of your preferred genre.

Also, don’t forget to think of ‘symbolic’ ways to tell a story. Many of you are opting for naturalistic and illustrative narratives – think of visual metaphors.

Good luck and keep us posted.

Your mini pitch

Using a slideshare and having listened to several songs, choose one that you have a ‘vision’ for.

  • Embed the MP3
  • Embed the lyrics or the lyric video
  • Complete a word cloud with @ 20 descriptive words, adjectives, adverbs, nouns that come to mind when you listen to the song.
  • Complete a very brief 2 sentence description of the narrative
  • Complete a very brief 2 sentence description of the performance

Once this is complete you will find out who is in your group and you will pitch your own idea to each other and then choose one to carry on and complete a really full, detailed pitch that you will present to your teacher.


Advice on Choosing a Song

Choosing a Song.

    • Start with thinking, ‘Who will perform this?’ and work from there. Perhaps opt for a solo performer to make organisation easier.
    • If possible choose people from within your class who could perform/act.
    • Don’t choose something that is well known.
    • Don’t choose something too long, 3.5 minutes is plenty.
    • Album tracks or cover versions are useful options Beware of Warner Music Group and its associated record labels as these will just be taken down/blocked.


  • Avoid showing or referencing overtly sex, smoking, drinking, drugs as the majority of you are under 18 and, probably, so are your target audience.
  • Best to avoid mimed dialogue as it looks odd and people tend to laugh.
  • Avoid ‘dancing’ unless you can show us it will be ‘theatrical/performance’ based.  Synchronised swimming out of water is not useful to any narrative. Choreographed street dance etc for relevant genres is good – as long as you have skilled practitioners who don’t mind doing it, again and again and again.
  • Think about your performers:  are they available, will they be happy to film possibly on several occasions?  Do they have stage and film presence?
  • Do you have access to instruments, transport, locations and if not – focus on a single performer with no instruments.
  • Risk: We need to risk assess everything so unless you have access to firemen and adult lifeguards – fire and water are out of the equation.
  • Think: doable, can I film this in two shoots? Studio shoots are not good quality light wise. Some of the best videos are the simplest but well shot and well dressed and well edited.

Please listen to music on these site for inspiration:

Seeing Sounds in Your Head


…is a way of generating ideas from music – effectively ‘seeing sounds in your head’.

It is a really helpful technique to use when listening to music in order to come up with visual ideas. When listening to a piece of music you should concentrate on each of the following features in turn:

  • Sense of subject matter
  • Grain of voice
  • Arrangement
  • Suggested Stories
  • Cultural references

Here is a Prezi which explains and illustrates these ideas:

Task 1
  • You will listen to two songs and write down the images, ideas, colours, adjectives, themes, subjects that come to mind when listening to the lyrics, beat, grain of voice, tempo etc.
  • Then we will watch the videos and see how close you were to how the music was interpreted in visuals.

Favourite Student Music Video

What works and what doesn’t?

This is your opportunity to get a sense of what can be achieved by students and also understand the high standards you should be aiming for in your music video.


What’s your favourite student video from the class of 2019?


Refer to all the areas you now understand help to make a good music video:

  • Technical conventions like lip syncing, editing to the beat, composition & framing
  • Narrative and performance ratio and the type of narrative has been created?
  • How the star has been represented (values, attitudes & beliefs)?
    • How has the video been styled, designed, filmed and edited – what have they done to convey that star image and promote the artist?

Do not write an essay but instead create some sub headings with some reflection and make a range of points about why it is your favourite video.

Music Videos – Detailed Analysis x 2

Here’s a music video we’re going to complete a close analysis of…

If you don’t like it choose another, but check with your teacher first, there are some old favourites below…

You should type  up that analysis and embed it into a post called “Close Analysis of Music Video.” and then also complete another one of your choice. Use the ones below or from somewhere else but the ones below are full of points to analyse/deconstruct.

Here is a blank version of the form you can use.

This work is important as it shows that you are able to deconstruct the narrative, performance, star image and generic & technical conventions of a music video. This will help inform your own production ideas.

Kodaline – Love Like This

Lana del Rey – Born to Die

Taylor Swift – Wildest Dreams

Christina Aguilera – Say Something

Foo Fighters – Pretender

Music Video Form & Conventions

This week we’re going to be watching some of the videos from the playlist below.

But first. What the hell is a music video anyway? Moreover, how can I understand them better so I can make my own? Some thoughts for your brain…

First Task: (Music Video Form & Conventions Blog Post)

You need to study four of these videos carefully so that you can:

  • Define the media form (what’s the blueprint for a music video)
  • Spot some technical conventions
  • Think a bit about genre and how that’s coming across.
  • Start thinking about stories in music videos.

Use this document.

Make a copy, complete with notes / ideas then save as a PDF and upload to your blog.


This is your first piece of research for your own music video, so do it well!