Equipment Loans

On this page you will find information about how to borrow Media and Film equipment.

You can borrow any piece of equipment for up to 2 school days:

  • 1 day to film or record your footage.
  • 1 day to copy the footage from the SD card  onto the D drive of a production computer in 70 or 71.

Equipment can only be collected or returned in the mornings (P1-4). The technicians are not available to manage equipment in the afternoon and you will have to get your teacher to accompany you up to the AiR room to sort out the loan or return and the booking sheet.

To borrow any equipment you must complete a line in the booking sheet:

Click here to book.

It is your responsibility to collect and return the equipment from the Artists in Residences’ studio in room 45 opposite the Sixth Form Art Room. Complete one line of the spread sheet with your name and the dates, the technicians will complete the other elements when you collect or return.

You may not borrow individual items from other piece of kit, for example you cannot take additional batteries or SD cards from other kits bags. However you may borrow more than one piece of kit if available.

We have the following equipment available:

  • Canon DSLR Camera
  • Sony / Panasonic point and shoot cameras
  • Tripods
  • Zoom Mics / Recorders
  • Shotgun mics and booms
  • Camera Track
  • Tripod Dolly