July 7

Music Video Draft 1 – Rough Cut

Rough Cut

Self Assessment

This first draft of the music video in my opinion is decent but the whole presentation of the narrative could be much better and more effective. The flow of the narrative is not as smooth as I was hoping for as the shots sometimes do not line up with the narrative, the use of different shots could be explored more in the final video to give a stronger effect. The incorporation of the photos in the video give a strong effect and contrast to the lightness of the shots on the stairs, making the video more intense and sharp. There needs to be a stronger sense of journey and failure within the video and it show clearly show how the girl is getting progressively more worn out as she begins to struggle with going up the stairs, the addition of more shots of different realistic settings will help bring the music video to life for an audience.

In the final cut of the music video we will change these aspects to make the video more effective towards a teenage audience, the interoperation of the music video is very important to give a message to the viewers. The final music video can be much more powerful than this first draft and can play with a lot more shots and editing techniques to help make it as professional as it can be, I hope that when we put together our final music video that it includes all the most vital aspects. Including editing techniques, use of different shots, a well presented narrative and gives the audience excitement and the urge to watch it again.


For the final music video the shots will need to be much more clean and the narrative will need to be clearer to the audience, the editing and sequence of shots need to be easily followed by an audience.

  • deeper narrative and meaning
  • still photos in black and white
  • close ups with blindfold
  • symbolic colours with emotions of running
  • make sure shots don’t show the still and cue
  • get rid of lawn mower
  • do not repeat shots
  • need the doors, opening and closing
  • connection with life and photos
  • maybe add performance of lips
  • sad objects in black and white
  • more upside down shots of running
  • shots of someone singing

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