November 2

Digipak Draft 3

Digipak draft 3


Inside Left

Inside Right


draft-23-blog-D click this link to see HD images of Digipak

Changes we made:

  • changed the artists name
  • changed the chosen fonts for the digipak
  • edited the layout of the inside left
  • placed the song names in the center of the back cover


Digipak in CD case

Audience Tally

We asked some peers what they thought the genre of the album was and what message it conveyed to an audience, below is a sum of the opinions we received. The results show that most of the peers guessed that the digipak was an R&B pop genre which is shown through the choice of colour and design of the overall digipak.

November 2

Digipack Draft 2

Digipack panes x 4

Here is our new draft of the digipak, I think that we made many significant changes to the design and structure of the digipak. There is a wider ranger of colours that all connote the sense of calm and serene moods of the artist as he looks wistful in all the images. The included images of the sun further emphasise the gentle tones of the digipak helping to effectively advertise the artists star image.


Inside Left

Inside Right



Feedback from teacher – screencastify


More clearly picking up the theme of the music video, and clearer as a cross media marketing strategy. The photos are effective, profile shot on front cover. Separate the artist from the shadow make him more clear and recolour the images if we want, push the colours a little more for vibrance. Inside right is effective, the sun mirrors the shape of the CD, back cover fonts need to be clear for the buyer and the horizon needs to be straight. Change the colour of the font, add stroke, drop shadow or glow, maybe change the name of the artist so that the audience knows the artists full name.

The delusions font is effective, means someone believes something is not real as it is an insult to someone, maybe change the name of the artist and album name. Chosen fonts are not different enough and do not stand out, perhaps seriff and son-seriff fonts, do not need artists name twice on front cover. Move the quote on inside left page, image is not cropped very effectively perhaps change the image so that it is more effective. Main points are to look at album name and artist name and choose different fonts, make the digipak exciting.

Targets for improvement:

  • add stronger colours for vibrance
  • change the fonts and make them stand out more
  • think of changing the album name
  • think of changing the artist name
  • pick a different image for the inside left
October 16

Digipack Draft 1

2 panes front and back
Assessed in relation to the assessed PSW examples

Here is the first draft of our digipak, I think that the colour scheme works well to present the mood and star image to the audience, although I think that this draft was rushed and not properly thought out so that it could be as effective as we could make it.


Inside Left

Inside Right


Target Points:

  • too many similar colours
  • middle left- the image needs to be cropped to see the face and emotion clearly
  • the front cover needs to pop our more and have a less boring tone
  • feather the image on the front cover
  • make the small print more visible
  • add the logos
  • make it more exciting
  • change the colour scheme
  • give the digipak more pop
October 14

Contact Sheet/ Graphics /illustrations Drafts Ideas

Contact Sheets

Please click to see full contact sheets


Favourite shots

These are some of my favourite shots as they show the soulfulness of the model and the correct effect we want to show to the audience.


From doing this photoshoot for our digipak we achieved to get the preferred star image for the target audience, the soulfulness and sense of calm in the shots is clear by the models facial expression and body language. The simplicity of the costume and shot angles matches the artists star image of a teenage boy to fit with his audience, the chair and stool we used work well to help extenuate the feeling of calmness and the chill vibe of the artist. The chair allowed more freedom for the model to express his moods to then connect to the audience, from getting 481 shots from this shoot we effectively achieved the significance of the star image in the digipak.

October 12

Photoshoot / Design Production Meeting and Risk Assessment


The aims for this shoot is to get the specific emotions and tones from the model for our artist to make an effective digipak. We want to get a range of different shots both close ups and long shots so that we have a range to choose from when it comes to designing the digipak. We want our model to give relaxed and chill vibes to the buyer and target audience, allowing him to connect to the audience. The simplicity of the shots we will use will effectively get our star image across to the audience in a powerful manner, we will have some shots of the model looking away from the camera and and the camera with some shots with eyes closed to connote the relaxed and causal vibes.

emotions we want:

  • moody
  • happy
  • calm & serene
  • sad & soulful
  • casual & chill

Meeting agenda

Risk assessment

October 8

Hand drawn mock up


The conventions seen in our digipak will be similar but unique from other albums like the artist we have chosen, the designs of this digipak will help to encode the star image to the audience along with the meta narrative of the performer. Some aspects of what is included in our digipak include:

  • a typewriter font and a more handwritten effect font to give it personalisation
  • the colours of this album will be muted and soft to reflect the star image
  • our design will include a close up shot and long shot with a chair for a simple star image
  • use of graphics will further show his simple star image and soulfulness to the audience
  • framing of the artist will show his soulful star image and casual attitudes
  • close up images and long shots will imply simplicity and connection
  • font colours will be either black or white to keep it simple and straight forward
  • we will include a company name that we have created and a small print
  • Some variety of shots, full body, mid shots, as well as shots that aren’t looking straight into the camera
  • More tranquil, give a reflective feel the didipack maybe have model look downwards


From designing our digipak mock up we have decided that our aim will be to portray a calm, muted and soulful star image to the target audience, it will really highlight the connection the artist has to the audience as a young teenage artist. Our shots will be simple but effective to reflect the music the artist creates, everything in the digipak will be straight forward and simple to show the star image of the artist to be casual.


October 7

Digipak Conventions Analysis

Digipak conventions: Harry Styles

This slideshow below shows the typical conventions of a digipak from the artist Harry Styles, I chose to analyse his album cover as he is a similar artist to Ruel, this album cover and back is very effective and displays the artist in a specific way similar to what we want to do with our own digipak.