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Horror Genre

The use of switching from Wide shots to Big close ups in Ghost Stories help to really isolate the characters in the scene. It makes the audience realise the space of the setting and makes the audience expect the horror to come out… but it doesn’t. This is a good example of how misleading expectations can create the horror through suspense. The horror aspect is normally not from the jump scares but more from the expectation from the jump scare. The fact that the audience know something horrific is lurking in the dark of the setting makes this expectation bigger with the Wide shot revealing there is nothing their only adding to the increasing suspense of the scene.

Batman Genre Analysis

How is the Dark Knight similar to other movies in the superhero genre?

  • Clear antagonist and protagonist
  • Hero must make tough decisions.
  • The hero “defeats” the villain

How is the Dark Knight different to other movies?#

  • The hero loses in the end
  • The girl is killed
  • The hero isn’t a god and can be hurt and damaged physically and mentally.

Genre Analysis of Pan’s Labyrinth


  • Narrative – Ofelia is sent on a quest/task, this is very typical of fantasy movies such as lord of the rings where the protagonist must go on a magical journey.
  • Locations – In Pan’s Labyrinth, the main location is a large castle like structure made of stone which looks very old. This is comparable to places such as Hogwarts. There’s also A dark, gloomy forest surrounding the castle, just like Harry Potter or Lord of The Rings.
  • Characters – The typical characters can be seen in Pan’s Labyrinth. The villain is clearly Vidal as he tortures people till they are near death and kills innocent people with no reason. Ofelia is also the typical fantasy movie protagonist as she is the focus of the entire film and is the one who must complete the quest.
  • Conflicts/Themes – Ofelia sacrifices herself to save her brother, just as Harry sacrifices himself to kill Voldemort. There is clear good and evil in the movie with Ofelia being good and Vidal being the evil. Ofelia also must go through a long journey of struggle and fear, just as Frodo must go on a journey to destroy the ring.


  • Narrative – Commonly in Pan’s, there are smaller battles between good and evil, compared to the big battles at the end of fantasy films. Also Ofelia dies at the end of the film which contrasts the normally upbeat and happy endings at the end of most fantasy films.
  • Characters – Some of the characters in Pan’s Labyrinth don’t entirely follow the standard for character types. One example of this is The Faun. The faun can be said to play the part of the donor or the wise old person who gives the protagonist her quest but The Faun has a twisted vibe to the generic donor. Most of the time, the donor is nice and kind and protects the protagonist but in Pan’s, The Faun gets angry at Ofelia for failing to do tasks and whenever she world disobey him, he would shout at her.
  • Story – At the end of most fantasy films, the protagonist serves justice to the villain by either capturing them or chasing them away. In pan’s, The villain is killed m=by Mercedes who in the film is the donor archetype. Ophelia , the protagonist, ends up being killed by the villain, a massive divert from the traditional fantasy film.