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Final Batman Essay

To finish off our analysis of The Dark Knight we did a 750 word essay on the final scene of the film. The essay wasn’t perfect and I had to cut allot of information out to fit it into the word count. I got great feedback on ways that I could improve what I wrote. Next time I write an essay there are several things that I will need to take into account:

  • Refer to sources more – This can help emphasise the points which I’m trying to make and show some proof of where I got my information.
  • Connect to genre and theme more – I need to understand themes and genre better and how to relate visuals in the theme to them
  • Expand conclusion – I need to further develop my conclusion and really hammer in on the point that I am trying to make with my essay. The conclusion should be the final point that encapsulates the whole essay and I really need to show that more.

Textual Analysis in The Dark Knight

The scene that I analysed in The Dark Knight is the Joker’s downfall, It sees Batman finally capturing the Joker once and for all. The Joker is represented in this scene as victorious. This is communicated heavily by the mise-en-scene and camera techniques. One big technique that communicates this is the roll of the camera 2:46 into the scene. The Joker is hanging upside down and the camera rotates to view him the right way up, communicating to us, the audience, that the Joker has been captured but he still has control over Batman and the people of Gotham. The Joker knows that this is his final moment before he is captured and taken away so he taunts Batman, he influences his mind, his decisions. At 1:42 the light on The Joker flickers as his plan slowly falls apart. Throughout the film he is represented as a criminal mastermind, an unstoppable force that can only be stopped by killing him but in this moment we can see him be stopped by the will of the people which brings his entire plan to ruin. This part teaches Batman that his prejudice of thinking he is the only one that can save Gotham is false as regular people have the power to stop atrocities but it also teaches the Joker that people will face death if it saves others which the Joker has a hard time comprehending because of his lack of self preservation.

Pan’s Labyrinth Final Essay Feedback

I think that , for my first essay, it went really well. I got 21/28 marks which is pretty amazing to be honest. As my first draft, I didn’t think I would do as well as I did. One thing that I learnt from the feedback was the length. A few of my paragraphs were a bit too long and so in the future I need to condense them further and make them more to the point.

Another thing I need to do next time, based on the feedback, is go more in depth into the themes. I chose to use a pretty basic, simplistic theme for this essay which was good vs evil which isn’t exactly what Pan’s Labyrinth is about. It’s more about the theme of Disobedience however I didn’t really go into that theme.

I think overall there is still a lot of room for improvement, however it was a very good first attempt.