So… How is it going?

Overview & Transferable skills

So far I am happy with the progress I have made in my magazine.  I have drafted my magazine pages and each page is linking together well. The pages are linking between the double-page spread and contents page. Furthermore using a colour scheme and using a simple colour palette and choice of fonts have also helped me portray the genre of rap. I have also portrayed the genre through the choice of images, layout and headlines. However, I still have improvements to make throughout my pages.

  • Design Skills – The skills I have learnt on InDesign and Photoshop have helped make my magazine more interesting with a greater range of graphic design and ideas.  I will also be able to use these skills on other posts in the future.
  • Organisation – Being able to keep on top of the workload and making sure I spend my time wisely and not just on one part of the magazine. This helps me complete my work at the right time.
  • Communication – I have spoken to my peers and got advice and improvements I need to make. By sharing our ideas and skills we have learnt this has built a greater image of how I can adapt my magazine.

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