Favourite Music Video from Former Student

This is my favourite music video from former students

Unforgettable” is a song by American rapper French Montana featuring the hip-hop duo Rae Sremmurd’s Swae Lee.

Narrative – The video shows two sides in this video. One side is the performance acted out by two males one of the male’s lip-syncs the lines of French Montana, were as the other male lip-syncs the lines of Swae Lee. The other side of this video is performed by a female as she is dancing and posing in front of beautiful scenery.

I liked this video because of its technical editing and camera techniques. One noteworthy technique is when the actor is sat in the trolly performing and the background of the sky behind him is in a pink hue. This is used to add a more stylised finish to the video and make the shot more captivating to the audience.

The ratio of narrative to performance is roughly 20:80 with the majority of the video being the performance of the two males lip-syncing. The other part of the video is a performance of the female.

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