Describe your Audience

Our Audience

To describe our audience and understand what media suits them, we had to look back over Blumler and Katz and The Uses and Gratification Theory of an active audience and what they seek from the media they use. By looking into the information such as personal needs, interests, personal identity and social interaction. This helped in preparation for researching our target audience by asking ourselves some questions to design our perfect audience member.

This mood board mapped out the key features of our audience such as:-

  • Age 11 – 36
  • African – American Males
  • Social Struggle Theme
  • No Bars Approach To Society
  • Likes Rap Culture
  • Goes To Parties
  • Mostly Working Class
  • Can be rebellious

Situated above is a moodboard of the audience that consumes my genre that I will be manifesting in my music video. It also includes YouGov research into the star – Drake, whose song we are using in the video and the theories from Blumler and Katz and Stuart Hall and how they relate to my music video.

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