Teacher Feedback – Screencastify

Screencastify Feedback From Teacher

From the feedback, we have obtained from our teacher. We need to cut quicker on certain shots to maintain the high tempo of the song for the next edit. The narrative is clear. However, there can be some changes to make the narrative even clearer. The lip-syncing and clips are in the right place however need to be implemented better with an array of clips rather than some drawn-out shots in the performance. The positive part of the performance is the good framing with good cut out shots of the star and all the clips follow the same theme. However, we should reframe from using some shots for too long.

Targets for Development:

  • Make sure the shots are on the beat and not drawn out
  • Make more of the ring (Close up)
  • Get rid of the transition effects and unnecessary shots of the star pasted on top of the narrative.
  • Play with the shade – see if this identifies the performance more

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