Social Media Page Terminology

We then looked on Facebook for an artist similar to our own, which focused on the rap genre and then took screenshots of their page and focused on the key terms we just learnt. This was important in order to look for design, promotion and using Facebook pages for information. We decided to look at the artist Drake, who has reached over 45 million followers. I have analysed his page above.

Digipack Draft 2

Digipack Draft 2















What went well:

  • The image is in the circle and looks right
  • The colour scheme of black and white is consistent throughout
  • The song and credits are added on the back page

Even better if:

  • A different font on the front cover
  • Artists name along the spine of the album
  • More graphic design could be added
  • Add more to the two middle pages

Digipack Draft 1

What went well:

  • The image is the look we were looking for
  • The colour scheme of black and white works well with the dark coloured images
  • The position of the camera works well with the different angles, textures and framing brought through.

Even better if:

  • A different font on the front cover could display our rap genre better
  • Add a logo, record company and copyright details
  • Artists name along the spine of the album as extra even though our star is well known
  • More graphic design could be added
  • Add the two middle pages

Contact Sheet

Here are the contact sheets below of our digipak shoot in the Black Studio. Overall it was successful with a range of shots. The location we chose we were happy with and we think that the overall image that we want to portray will work well. We took multiple photos for each type of shot as we wanted to make sure we had the picture we wanted.

Photoshoot & Design Production Meeting and Risk Assessment

Our aim for the shoot is to get a range of shots in order to have a wide range of choice for a successful digipak. By planning, we will be able to make sure that everything runs smoother on the day and we are not missing equipment.

Hand Drawn Mockup

Hand Drawn Mockup

The Features Included

  • Front Cover: The name of the album with a picture of the artist in the middle
  • Inside Left: Graffiti text pasted over the page
  • Inside Right: More graffiti text pasted over the page
  • Back of case: tracklists, barcode, company recognitions and producer rights

We think that this design connotes rap album cover conventions and the black and white style [similar to our music video] helps us to conjure a rap style album cover that follows the same pattern as our music video.

Digipak Conventions Analysis

This will be helpful when I produce my digipak as our audience will have a preferred reading with the typical conventions that fit our genre. Which in return will help make a profit. By sticking to the typical conventions that are listed above, we also need to make sure we are unique so that we can stand out within the industry.

Our Mission Statement:

Before looking directly at the digipak we had to look at the marketing strategies and our mission statement. This PowerPoint encompasses all of the main areas of “the package brand” such as; Audience, Call To Action, Competition and the USP.

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