The Media Ecology

Map of concepts and mediascape:-

We created a mind map of media ecology. We decided to focus on Institutions.

Each of the eight areas of media ecology listed in the slide will need to be considered when I make my magazine as they all link in with the theme.

In Media Ecology there are 8 main components, and I have listed them with examples:

  • Social media (Instagram, Snapchat, Twitter)
  • Audience (Viewers,¬† Consumers, Prosumers)
  • Creators¬† (Stars, Directors, Artists, Performers)
  • Technology (Hardware, Software, Digital)
  • Government & Law (Regulation, Order, Safety)
  • Distribution (Ads, Newspapers, Radio, TV)
  • Institutions (BBC, ITV, Google)
  • Money (Expense, Profit, Revenue)

This shows that each of the 8 components listed above are all as crucial as each other in Media Ecology and for what the public consumes. If one of the components were to not exist than media would have no way of producing media and therefore the system of Media Ecology would fail. This is why all of these components are mentioned because of their vital roles in Media Ecology.

Here are more examples of mind maps

Hello Media Studies

Hello Media Studies

In Media Studies I am hoping to learn more about editing videos and improving my skills in editing videos, and I think that doing media studies at 6th form will help me in the media side of work. I’m also hoping to learn new skills like photoshop and photo editing as that is something that I would quite like to try.

I already have skills in video editing, but I am hoping to develop them even further and I am looking forward to editing video which I have never made before, and try a new direction with editing videos and branching out my knowledge in other areas.

I think this subject can help me improve & learn a range of different media, whilst also helping me with time management and improving on feedback that I have been given. Doing this subject will be helpful when it comes to deadlines and staying on top of the work which I have to do and overall being organised.