My Tour Poster

My Tour Poster & Analysis

Above I have created a collage / moodboard for the genre of rap. This research will help me when planning my tour poster and this collage / moodboard helps me to understand the popular archetypes in rap tour posters.

Final design:-

I feel that this is a good design for my tour poster as it fits in with the archetypes and mise en scene within the rap genre. I have cut myself out and added vibrancy and colour to the jewellery so that it really pops and I have made my face black and white so that it blends in with the rest of the poster so that the jewellery can be emphasised. I have also used a gradient to fade the bottom of the star to create a professional look. I have finally added text in black and white as so it all fits the same colour scheme.


My Magazine Front Page Swede

My Front Page:-

This is my magazine front page swede on a music magazine designed by NME. In this project, I have tried to replicate this magazine front cover of Rihanna. I feel I have made a close representation of the original magazine as I have only just learned how to use InDesign, which is the software I have used to create this image. The specific techniques I have used were the text effects with the NME text, having a shadow and popping out like the original logo.

I have also linked some videos that I have used to learn more about InDesign when I created this image. You see this videos below:-

The Camera Talks

Made with Padlet

We collected the top 9 images from the two photoshoots that we did, and I put them in a mood board (as seen above) with three hashtags for each photo. the hashtags followed the same them: #Camera Term/#Denotation/#Connotation. we were happy with the finished mood board as we felt that the 9 photos really captured what we were going for when shooting in our photoshoot.

My favourite photo was the first one (the one in the window) because this is a really compelling shot and we both agreed that it came out the best out of all of the photos we took across the two photoshoots. I also think that the hashtags are a good reflection on what we were going for with the photos, and is a good description of what the images are about.

Technical Camera Terms

Contact Sheet:-

In this photoshoot, we have thought about the different camera shots and used the DSLR camera to help us achieve these shots. we did two photoshoots to get the best assortment of images. in the first photoshoot, we focused on the camera angles such as distance, angle and comp etc. and in the second one, we focused on more extravagant angles and photos to tell more of a story.  We also improved our understanding of cameras and how to use it to get the best shots as possible. our images use a mixture of light and dark shots as they are done with a range of different ISO’s from higher for lighter shots and a lower ISO for the darker shots.

I think this knowledge of cameras and how to get the best photos will help me with a lot of aspects of media because this will help me to have a wider understanding on how I will approach any of my future media products.

Mise-En-Scene To Communicate Meaning

My Mood Board:-

This mood board is for our Music Magazine in which we were given genres in which our Magazine would have to copy this theme. Our theme was; Rap. I was happy with our genre as I enjoy the music and I generally think it will be interesting to do our Music Magazine on. The mood board is filled with a plethora of images of different interpretations of rap and how diverse the genre is, despite what people might have the perception about it. The mood board is highlighting the posses, clothing and scenery. We copied an array of different aspects and themes of these album covers and used it to create our Music Magazine that follows the Mise En Scene.

We then did a photoshoot inspired by the rap genre. We took an array of different photos and settled on one that we felt was the optimal one.

This image is an excellent start in creating my Music Magazine as I have focused on key aspects of CLAMPS, which will help me in planning what good aspects I have already used and ones that I should use next time.

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Printed Media That Communicates Meaning

Tour Poster Analysis:-

For this analysis, we have looked at the six main components in Mis en Scene;

  • Costume
  • Lighting
  • Acting and Proxemics
  • Makeup and hair
  • Props
  • Setting

I have analysed the Mis En Scene and how these aspects are in the tour poster. This analysis will help me when I create my own magazine tour poster as I will include all of the aspects within Mis en Scene and CLAMPS.