Music Video Form & Conventions

The relationship between the song and the narrative:

  • Illustration – the narrative in the video very closely echoes the lyrics and music
  • Amplification – The narrative whilst inspired by the song adds a new element to complement the song
  • Disjuncture – The narrative doesn’t have a relationship to the lyrics and music

A video can also be split between narrative, performance or both :

  • Performance Videos – Exclusively performance, stunning visual effects
  • Combination Videos – Mixture of performance and narrative, the star observes the action as an invisible narrator
  • Narrative Videos – Has little or no performance, may often tell a socially important story

Prelim Task Mood Montage


When planning for my montage, we created a storyboard. we had to choose a topic to the base are montage on. The theme we chose was “practice makes perfect”. We focused on the theme and the ideas of what our topic meant and what the meaning conveys. We had to change the plan so instead, we decided on someone playing the piano.


  • The varied shots of subject and prop
  • Transitions and shots fit together to create a narrative
  • Props created a better sense to the Mise-en-scene


  • Some camera shots could be more abnormal
  • No sound, hearing the piano would make it more captivating
  • A few more shots to make the end more concluding

I have learned how the planning stage is crucial when filming which is something I will take into account when creating my own music video to make the best outcome. I also learned some good editing techniques which will help me when working on Premiere Pro as I have now had some experience with using the software