Screencastify Feedback From Teacher

From the feedback, we have obtained from our teacher. We need to cut quicker on certain shots to maintain the high tempo of the song for the next edit. The narrative is clear. However, there can be some changes to make the narrative even clearer. The lip-syncing and clips are in the right place however need to be implemented better with an array of clips rather than some drawn-out shots in the performance. The positive part of the performance is the good framing with good cut out shots of the star and all the clips follow the same theme. However, we should reframe from using some shots for too long.

Targets for Development:

  • Make sure the shots are on the beat and not drawn out
  • Make more of the ring (Close up)
  • Get rid of the transition effects and unnecessary shots of the star pasted on top of the narrative.
  • Play with the shade – see if this identifies the performance more

Feedback From Specsavers

Specsavers visited our media group and looked over our video to give us some pointers to see where we could go with the video and how they can help us to make the shots more professional.

One of the techniques he taught us about was using curves within premiere to change the contrasts of clips and make the raw footage look a lot cleaner and aid us with the look we were going for.

A Beginner's Guide to Color Curves for Powerful Correction

By getting this overall feedback from Specsavers as the basis, we can then start adding the effects to the other parts of our video to achieve the look we want and to follow the same trend so all of the clips complement each other within the performance and narrative elements of the video

Music Video Draft 2

2nd Draft Of Music Video

Above is Draft 2 of our music video. The video has an extensive variety of shots and we feel that the overall look worked for the mise-en-scene, and the genre. This addition of the narrative in this draft helped us within the video as it adds to our star image of our star being ruthless which is the image we want to portray in the video

Targets for improvement – 

  • We could look at adding the rest of the narrative finishing the story within the video.
  • We could cut quicker on the performance as some of the shots feel long and drawn out which makes the overall video look dull.
  • There could be more dolly and panning shots and add a different element in the performance to combine the narrative and performance together for the fished video.

Evaluation Of Shoot

Overall the narrative shoot allowed us to get a variety of shots, such as framing and leading lines to convey each moment and have an array of shots to append to our edit. We experimented with clips for a montage and action shots. The shoot was designed with specific times and we had each moment we wanted to convey so the narrative could be easily followed by our viewers.


  • More focused shots and to make sure the camera is focused on the correct objects to convey information)
  • Focus more on the action shots to make them more dramatic to the audience.
  • Awareness of the space and film in more different backgrounds to avoid the video following the same appearance

Design Skills 2

Design Skills Slideshow

This slideshow highlights the tools and techniques I have used during the creation process for my music video. I feel that I have learned a lot about Adobe Premiere Pro and therefore I am confident in my ability to create and edit footage in the future.

Risk Assessment

Risk Assessment For Shoot 2

The importance of doing a risk assessment is so that we are aware and prepared for hazard/risk that could happen such as not filming on the side of the road and filming on the side that doesn’t have any railing. By doing a risk assessment it enables you to see the type of risks that could transpire and the additional action required to manage the risk.

Narrative Development Sheet

Above is the narrative development sheet, which plans out our narrative throughout the music video. The narrative is important in the music video as it reflects the gangster story we want in the video and paints a picture of our star being destructive. Music videos often need to have a narrative to tell a story but also need to be able to still have an authentic side to the performance. The narrative provides tension and excitement in order to engage the audience within the video, and make them curious about our story.