Biography Language Analysis


We are able to tell that this article is written as a biography first off, because of the fact it states in the blurb; ‘Dorian Lynskey hears his story’. It is also evident that the journalist is present because of the fact the article is written in the third person about an artist in which the journalist is listening to the artist in which we get quotes from the artist suggesting that it is the journalist writing those quotes down. The impact on the audience knowing that the journalist is present could be a negative one, as they could feel that the content of the biography created has been altered slightly (there are quotes from the artist that could have been not recorded correctly).


We gain a sense of location/events through the multiple incidences that are talked about between the journalist and James such as ‘London’s Met Bar’, ‘when he was negotiating a deal with A&M in 1995’ and ‘Meltdown festival in 2014’. This indicates to the reader that they are reading a biography as it is running through stages of the artist’s life/career at eventful points. The choice of words throughout the text is very factual listing, dating and giving statistics about events giving the reader a clear understanding of the content. Despite the fact the article is very formal for the most part, the metaphor saying that ‘Mo’ Wax was dead’ emphasises the fact that the label closed to make it a lot more dramatic and perhaps to re-awaken the reader after reading for so long without any interesting literary techniques. It is clear that the journalist uses quotes like; ‘The last 13 years have been ****ing tough financially’ as an emotive device in order to engage the reader by making them feel sympathetic to James as well as to set a tone that a lot of people can relate with. I think that there is a lesson to be learnt from James not to get carried away after you get some success, as it is just as easy to fall away from that position and start back at square one.


In conclusion, I think the journalist represents the artist as being a big shot who had a rough time in the middle, but through hard work and dedication has brought themselves back to their feet again creating an influence/motivation for those who are going through a tough time or similar experience.

Below you are able to see a copy of the article which when clicked on will take you to the original copy.


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