Developing the Article

I have been slowly developing my article for my double-page spread using a template in order to help perfect the content that I am going to put into the article. This article, is going to be based around the biography of the artist that is on the double-page spread, ultimately covering the three main points of change in the life of the artist.

One big focus of the article is complying with Blumler and Katz Uses and Gratification theory. I need to reflect the entertainment aspect of the theory by making sure that there is both positive and negative events in the article in order to keep the reader engaged. This therefore must include strong mood changing vocabulary in order to wake the reader up after reading the same style of writing for a paragraph or so. The feature of education in the Blumler and Katz theory can be obtained within the article by ensuring that the reader has learnt a lesson of some kind from the artist of the article by the end of the article. This could be done by making whatever it is that the artist was effected by in earlier life, particularly emotive in order to make the reader more emotionally invested and have a greater chance of having the life lesson stick in their head.

In order to keep the attention of the reader I really need to establish a target market/audience. I think that this audience for the magazine and the article would be people aged 16-22 as the artist that the article is going to be based around, is someone who started their career in music at a very young age, and got wrapped up in trouble from being uneducated in his ways. This is very relatable for many people around the same age as him (16-22), as this is the age that many people in western society move away from home to work a job, or go hundreds of miles away to study at university. In both cases the person is by themselves with little help from anyone else to show them how to live in a new environment.




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