Article Feedback Time!

I have gotten to the point in the development of my magazine where I have managed to put a copy of my finished article into the double-page spread.

The reason that I have put the article into the DPS so fast is because I needed to make sure that the redrafted text would fit into the space that the original article fitted into as well as to make the article ready to be peer assessed by one of my classmates in a future blog post.

To give you an idea of what features I used to add something to my typeface, I changed the font of the stand first to SignPainter to indicate the purpose of the text. I then also made sure to add a drop capital to indicate the start of the first column.

If you wish to see the previous draft of the magazine, you will be able to find in a previous post. There is also a full PDF of the double-page spread to boot with article can be found if you click on the image below.









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