So I have had a think about possible adverts that I could use…

I have compiled a couple of A4 high quality advertisements that I can use in my magazine in order to reflect and relate to the target audience of my genre. That way, if it relates to them they are more likely to buy the product, making more money for the business.

This is a good advert that could be seen in my magazine, as it has many of the conventions included in it associated with the genre of indie pop. The typeface on the is one of the biggest conventional hooks to get the reader in as it reads; ‘nothing fake about ’em‘. This resonates with indie pop listeners as a big part of indie pop is that the subject matter is about being real and honest, and having your own take on things. The popular indie pop artist Katy Perry is also featured as the cover star which could make the reader be more drawn to the product knowing that someone who relates to them uses it. This could be said to be more of a pop advert, henceĀ  ‘Popchips‘ as the label however it still holds these connotations.


I think this an advert which is very good at appealing to someone who listens to indie pop music because of the choice of words in the cover line. It reads; ‘creativity has no boundaries’, which jabs at one of the psychographics of a typical follower of indie pop of being someone that likes to be independent and creative with what they do, often having a different take on something to most people.

Please bare in mind looking at these articles, that I have not had any part in creating either of them neither do I own them. I am using them simply identify what type of advertisement I could use in my own magazine and are not to be assessed.


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