The very Final Drafts!

Above you are able to see the up to date, mostly finished drafts for the four pages of my music magazine. In the most recent draft, the final bits of feedback have been given to me by my teacher in the form of a document that I have uploaded a picture of below so you can see what has been changed. Please also take heed of the fact that for an unknown technical reason, my double-page spread appears in the preview you are reading as being slightly faded, however you can see the untainted, high definition PDF of the double-page spread and all the other pages if you click on them.

There were a couple of changes that the teacher said I could make which I didn’t actually include in the most recent draft as I think that they are unconventional of my genre. One of these changes, was that the teacher suggested I used the spot-healing tool on Photoshop to heighten the complexion of my model, however it is conventional of the indie pop genre that my magazine is based around, to stay clean and as real as possible and therefore should have their features altered as little as possible. The other thing that the teacher said she thought I could change that I didn’t go through with, was changing the font from sansserif to serif. It is also very conventional of my genre to have a sans-serif fonts which I know from looking at other music magazines from the same genre such as the ‘Indie‘ magazine.

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