Final Digipak Front & Back Panes

Here is a look at the finalised panes for our digipak, including the front and back. If you wish to see a high quality PDF of the image you can click on the image which will take you to a separate page.

Front Pane

Back Pane

In this rendition, a lot of work has been put into the back pane:

  • I have split all the different features that are required on the back pane into different boxes to show more of the background creating more meaning, as well as to be more conventional of the indie genre. We also applied a blur in Indesign to make it appear as if the word on the track list; ‘censored’ actually is censored.
  • A record label has been added so that if a customer picks the record up in a shop, they might pick this album up in particular because of the fact they already enjoy music produced by the same record label.
  • Some detail was also added to the spine as well to make it more interesting and eye catching, with dots in-between words splitting the title. This is conventional of indie rock bands, and can be seen in digipaks created by the likes of Fontaines D.C.

We also did some work on the front pane:

  • The name of the band has been made horizontally to fill up more of the box, which is helpful to a customer finding the record in a shop, as the band name will be one of the first sights when the pull it out from all the other CD’s.
  • The stamp in the bottom right corner was added which is more conventional of hip-hop digipaks, however we thought that if we replaced ‘PARENTAL with ‘POLITICAL’ it would seem more trendy and conventional to indie rock.
  • By including the same dots in the text for the name of the album as we used on the back pane, the product is more likely to stick out in shops.
  • Since the previous draft, the background has been removed that was previously there showcasing the woodland behind the star, and has instead been replaced by a clean white gradient, making it more conventional of our genre.
  • More of the chevrons that were present in the second draft have also been added, which hint at the themes of entrapment that were apparant in our music video, which also makes the cover a bit more interesting after having removed the background.

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