Production Skills 4 (Evaluation of Web Design Application)

To create a website that served to promote and brand our band/star, we used In doing so, we have made a website which takes head of both AIDA (attention, interest, desire and call to action), and Blumler & Katz theory of uses and gratification (personal identity, social interaction, information, entertainment). While creating this, we have individually learnt a few newskills which have been very prominent and repeatedly useful throughout the whole experience.

Add Button

This is the most useful feature I have used so far in the website design process, as it allows you to add in and manipulate every single feature be it text, images, videos, menus, social media, and more. By giving you so many options as you will se in the images below, it increases the choice and number of possibilities for what you can include in your website to create as much meaning and awareness as possible. I would that this tool definitely helps present our star image, as by having a tool which can add any sort’ve page which will present the reader with more information as well as links to other social media and videos, you are bigging up the reputation of the star, as well as providing more insight into the narrative of the brand/band.

In the example I included, it made me very happy that you could seemlessly add in links to soundcloud and audio files which means the user doesn’t have to leave the website to experience the data. I know that this is what I would want if I was a user of this website as I know it is secure whereas a mysterious hyperlink could take me anywhere. It also means I can easily continue looking at the website after listening instead of cycling back through my tabs to return to the website.


Colour Options for Specifc Features

Being able to change the colour of every single feature that you add from the ‘add tool’ is incredibly helpful for adopting a colour scheme for the website to follow which will be echoed on every single page of the website. Wix has a particularly good feauture inside this which remembers the exact shade of whichever shade of a colour you used on a previous page. Because of this it is made even easier to colour code your page knowing which shades contradict each other before you even select them to be placed on the page. This has had an impact on the way the genre is connoted, because of the black and white contrasting colours that now sit on the website which are conventional of indie rock bands such as Foals and Arctic Monkeys.


Production Skills Evaluation 3

For this post, I am going to be showing you two or three skills that I have learnt whilst designing our Digipak using forms of desktop publishing software such as Photoshop and Indesign to help us along the way. I can definitely say that these couple of skills have helped me personally create content for our groups product that is to as high a standard that I am able to create to help convey the genre of indie rock. and meanings to the audience as best as possible. The pictures that accompany the following skills are in order of how you would use the tool to give you an idea of how I used the tools to manipulate the product.


The first skill that has helped me out is the healing tool that can be found in in Photoshop, this has been very useful in removing blemishes and impurities from mise-en-scene as well as removing errors from your work that you created from other tools that the software houses. This was particularly useful for me because it meant that I could remove the creases from the shirt of our model, which had the effect of presenting our star image as well-kept and clean-cut. This will help increase the chance that a customer will buy the product when they see it in a shop because in general, people seek to learn from others who are warm and open.


The next skill that has been very useful to me has been using layers to my advantage in creating a three dimensional effect in my work. For instance I can use the quick selection tool to create a copy of a limb of the model. I can then drag the new layer with the copy on it to the top so it overlays the other features on the page such as the lines that were added in with hue/saturation applied to them. The colour correction to create a clean, complementary as well as colour coordinated colour pallet is a theme which is common in the indie rock genre on digipaks. This is used particularly in larger bands to either indicate individuality in their mise-en-scene.


The one other thing I can say I have learnt to utilize in my work to create a better product is the hue/saturation of an image. This means that I can realistically alter the colour of different parts of my image, whilst staying in the lines at the same time. For me it was useful because I can change the colour of the clock prop so it blends in with other aspects of mise-en-scene such as the glasses the model wears. I thought this was a very good addition as it meant there would be something to compliment the glasses. The three dimensional look of features of the star presents the aspects of the image such as the narrative of the as being more real and closer to the viewer. It also makes the viewer wonder what the significance of the coloured lines are.


Production Skills Evaluation 2

During the editing process of the groups first finished draft of the full music video, I have learnt lots of new production skills that help to increase workflow as well as adding more meaning/understanding to the video. Below you can see some detailed descriptions of the skills I have learnt as well as some snipping tooled images  showcasing these skills.

Sorting our Shots

Lenny & Elliott that work creating adverts for Specsavers locally came in and showed our group how to create ‘bins’ to help remove some of the clutter from our media browser. Bins are essentially folders which you can give names to put different shots in to make them more organised to help increase workflow, in our case being called ‘Rushes’ and ‘Sequences’. Rushes being raw shots and sequences being actually compiled strings of film.

Removing the Shaking from our Draft

Elliott helped us reduce some of the shaking that our camera had even whilst on a tripod by using the Warp Stabilizer effect. We dragged the effect over the shot that had shaking and let it apply it which took a minute or two, with the impacts being that there is no noticeable shaking of the camera. This means that our product appears as being more professional and high quality to how it was before.

Changing the Characteristics of the Effect

We discovered that we could change the many different characteristics of each effect which meant we could now change the position of the effect at different points or have it consistently moving from one place to another in the video by using the keyframe feature. We could also change things such as the opacity of the effect so that you could still see what was going on behind the effect which could be used to create interesting transitions or flashbacks.

Colour Correction

After applying a n adjustment layer as shown by Lenny, we looked at using the Lumetri Colour tab as a means to add or remove colour to shots by changing the different sliders on the different sub-selections of the window. The vignette feature in particular was very useful in helping us creating the illusion in a shot of everything around a fish bowl going more monochrome as the bowl stays the same colour, adding another layer of understanding to the shot.

What went well?

  • I think that one thing that went very well is the efficiency at which we pumped out the second draft, with us all taking turns to do some editing we got it done very fast, on top of having to balance doing the rest of the blog posts we needed to do.Camera stability means that we have to take time applying warp stabilizers which renders us unable to edit ay other part of the video.
  • We have managed to replace shots that we had in the performance draft which were not synced up or didn’t really fit in with those from the narrative shoot which has a resulted in a higher quality, more interesting video.
  • We have started to use video effects to create a more vibrant video which adds another layer of meaning for the audience to decode, generating a substantial overall improvement to the video.

What could have gone better?

  • We had to spend time nesting lots of different sequences so that we were able to apply the Warp Stabilizer effect, which meant we were constrained for time to complete other tasks in lessons.
  • We had to apply a warp stabilizer because of the fact that the camera shakes a lot, this meant that we had to spend lots of time waiting for the warp stabilizer to finish rendering the new footage. We could have avoided this by making sure that before we actually took the shot we started filming so the camera had time to stop shaking under the influence of us touching it.

The very First Production Skills Evaluation!

After editing the first draft of our music video, using  only the performance shoot, I can definitely say that I have learnt a great deal of new skills that have aided me in helping produce the video. Some of the most notable skills I have learnt would be:

List View

  • List view helps a lot because it means you can view every shot/rush you have in a more compact space so you can see more on the screen, making it easier to navigate and find the shot you want based on the name helping to increase workflow.

Adding New Tracks

  • Adding new tracks instead of using one to clip every shot into has helped massively as it means that I can layer different shots on top of each other as copies if I want to put an effect on a shot, so that if I don’t actually like the effect I put on I can simply delete the one above the real shot so that I don’t have to re-edit the shot again.

Extending Shot Length

  • Being able to extend the length of already edited shots and clips once you have put them into a sequence has been of great use to me in the creation of the first draft. It means that if I crop a shot down to where I think I want it/is perfect in my eyes, I can drag the end of the shot a bit longer at the end which adds more of the shot onto the end of the cropped clip. This means that it is easy to amend mistakes in shot duration.

Razor Tool

  • The razor tool has been used a lot in the first draft which makes it one of my top skills. It has meant that I can experiment with using different effects for different time frames of a particular shot as well as meaning I can split a shot up into different pieces to be moved to other parts of a sequence, even after it has been implemented into a sequence.

What went well huh?

  • We managed to find enough shots to be able to fill up the entire draft with extras left which meant we were able to implement extra shots to add more variation to our video creating a more interesting and meaningful user experience.
  • The lip syncing of our video was very well done, which we put extra effort into make sure we got nice and well polished right from the start of our editing to save us more time for when we got to our second and third drafts where we had another shoot to juggle.

What could have gone a little bit better?

  • If we synced the actual instruments up a tiny bit better in some of the shots it would make the video easier to follow/understand, however we could also get over this in future drafts by adding effects to accompany the shot to make it more obvious where certain instruments are more prominent than others.
  • We could have included a couple more close-ups of the lead singer as these are very sparse in the first draft and I think that if we incorporated more of these it would help to add further meaning that would be conveyed via facial expression in the video.