So…I’m a media prosumer

My life is full of media. I write it, text it and i consume it. Media is all around us in everyday life. We are exposed to media in many different ways. When you go on your phone you look at media, when you go to the shop your surrounded by media. Media comes in all different shapes and sizes and is not narrowed down to one specific type of media. Media impacts our lives in many different ways, some good and some bad. Media can be used to learn through stuff like magazines, youtube and many other sites on the internet designed to help you learn. 

Media can also be used to connect people. Apps like snapchat, instagram and whatsapp are used by millions on a daily basis to speak to their friends and family all around the world. 


So… Hello Media Studies

Media surrounds my life and the world around me. I produce and receive media on a daily basis. I am hoping to learn about all the different types of media. I know quite a lot about media but I could definitely learn more. Media could definitely help me in my later life with the knowledge of media i’m going to learn but also skills such as ICT. Media could also bring good skills such as time management and good communication skills on the web and off. I’m hoping to learn about all the different types of media from social media to media such as the press and magazines. 

Hello world!

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