Film Theory

Film Theory can be used in a comparative study as it reflects an idea of what the director is trying to convey in a way that doesn’t exactly link to the plot of the story. This is interesting as you could use two very similar films with opposing film theories that completely change the perspective of the plots that might be similar. Film Theories are interesting to contrast as some are very noticeable but others are not making the analysis of figuring out the ideas behind each theory very detailed and interesting to listen to.

Repertoire Of Elements – Thriller


A non Hollywood thriller: El cuerpo – Oriol Paulo, 2012

An example of a thriller that does not correlate to the repertoire of elements: I Care Alot – J Blakeson, 2021. This film is a comedy thriller with a more upbeat less desolate feel to it than a typical thriller film.

Another example of a thriller that does not correlate to the repertoire of elements: The Forest of Love – Sion Sino, 2019. This film is based on true events therefore making it differ from the elements of a typical fictional thriller.



Film Movements


The Japanese Golden Age could be used in my comparative essay as it has many distinguishable characteristics that contrast from other movements from different eras. The directors during the 1950s were very creative and diverse with their ideas, using never before seen cinematography. It would be a really interesting movement to explore due to the cultural difference the films created in this era have to many western films.

Slumdog Millionaire Scene

Macro-features in a film are the features relating to the story of the film and what is trying to be connoted. These include the plot, the narrative and the genre of the film which are all used to set the scene of what the film will be about. Micro-features are what you physically see when watching a film these include the mise-en-scene for example; costume, lighting, action, make up and hair and the setting of the scene.

The lighting in the scene from Slum-dog Millionaire varies its intensity and amount of shadow seen. When the main character is in the gameshow room the lighting is very lowkey with lots of shadows and dark areas, this shadowy dark lighting represents the memories he is looking back on as it was a very dark time of his life as he lost his mother and became an orphan. Anoyhert part of the scene where lighting played an important toile in expressing meaning is when Latika is stock in the centre of the shot with her shadow elongated making her body look a lot smaller than it already is, this conveys she is a very vulnerable and insignificant child who’s importance is so minor.

The action in this scene commences with the children playing and the mothers washing the clothing and men and women getting on with their daily lives, the next part of the scene where the hindu men attack this muslim community is a complete contrast to the start of the scene. There are people running around frantically with people getting beaten and chased this signifies the pure terror the hindu fighters have bought upon the community. When there children are running away from the fights they run past Latika who’s back is against the wall showing her vulnerability.


Repertoire of elements – horror

Repetoire of elements

Generic Feature

Your analysis of Genre


  • targeting a young vulnerable girl but theres a plot twist at the end

  • evil step mother punishing the young girl for very small reason, evil character is summoned.


  • good vs evil as the step mother is evil and the suckablood is portrayed to be evil but does the right thing in the end.


  • horrible step mother, with witch like characteristics

  • innocent young girl who is victimized

  • Suckablood looks evil


  • dark gloomy atmosphere with a full moon and stormy weather,

  • set in a big old castle that feels haunted

  • deserted place with dead trees like a forest

Mise-en-scene (Iconography)

  • the young girl girl wears a old fashions big dress making her look innocent

  • A rat runs across the screen which is a typical factor in the horror genre

  • the castle is dark and the girl has a candle making the lighting darker, low key lighting is used to make the scene more dark and ominous.

  • bloody footprints or just the use of blood depicts a deathly and gruesome atmosphere.

  • Spiral stair case and the girls room being at the top of the house shows her isolation and the spiral stairs are often used in horror as they are creepy.

Production Techniques

  • suspenseful loud music in a minor key making it sound more sinister, clashes of cymbals, violins

  • high angle shots to make the girl seem more vulnerable.

  • point of view when the step mother is talking, makes us feel empathetic for the girl.

  • Hand held camera to portray a distorted feel.

  • Over the shoulder shot evokes empathy.

continuity task

Shot list


shot of Y walking through the corridor and opening the door

Staying in the 180 degree rule shoot a high angle of her walking 

A shot of her feet walking along


Opening the door and walking in behind shoulder of X shot run through whole dialogue

Video the whole dialogue scene from behind Y

X looks at Bodyguard (or clock if eli isn’t here) and looks back in anger

Run through dialogue from front angle 

Close up of Xs eyes

Close up of the necklace 

Match on action of the trade of the necklace

Reflection – I think this went really well as we were able to get all the basic shots in and were also able to explore and be more creative with some the shots we did.

Hot Fuzz Editing Textual Analysis

Top London policeman, Nicholas Angel is sent to a quiet country village as punishment for being too good. But the village is not all it seems! Numerous deaths lead Angel into a final showdown with the villagers in ‘God’s Country’. The sequence is from the end of the film – the final shoot out between Angel, his sidekick Danny and the villainous villagers.

Continuity of screen space

An establishing shot is a shot where the camera is famed around a landscape/ environment. Helps set the scene for the audience and can provide some context for the oncoming scenes, as well as showing the relationship between the two. For example the being of the ‘fight scene’ in hot fuzz the establishing shot is where the camera zooms out of the town sign and pans over the town.

An eyeline match is used as Angel and a man from the countryside have a face off. This technique is used to display the relationship between the two, whilst shifting the tone of the scene. This adds tension whilst showing the audience that this interaction may lead up to a fight of some sort. 

Continuity of time

Continuity of time is an important effect in the scene as it helps the audience understand whether the scene is chronological or not, it also helps prevent the audience from becoming confused about what is happening, for example, slow motion is used when the bullet cartridge from the gun hits the old man in the face, this conveys the old man’s hatred towards Angel as it gives us longer to look at his facial expressions and shows he’s willing to get hit in the face whilst attacking Angel.

A slow motion shot is used for show movement and progression thought actions can be used to show context between a previous action. For example a slow motion is used in the clip where angel shoots at the truck tire and to make the barrel fall on the old man. It was used for dramatic effect and to show the movement of angels. 


A montage is seen as Angel is getting ready and putting on his weapons and equipment. This is effective as the editing technique helps to show a progression of time, keeping the scene fast paced to match the situation occurring. This also helps keep the audience invested as it is simple and easy to follow. 

Rhythm & Style

Rhythm and style is used to keep an even continuity in the shot and to prevent the audience getting confused or distorted, in Hot Fuzz there’s a wipe at the beginning of the scene when Angel walks into the police station and when he’s leaving, the second half of the wipe is where the camera is closer to the police officer sat in the station, the wipe gives us a closer view of the policeman’s confusion as to why Angel is walking through the station fully armed.