Film Theory

Film theories are used in cinema to portray characters a certain way or outside sources like celebrities in a certain way. They are done to show the director’s vision without being obvious. I did Star theory which suggested that celebrities are constructed by the company they work for to appear as normal or as outlandish as possible.

Slides on film theories:

Film Movements

Film theories have been used throughout cinema to convey the director’s political or emotional beliefs and then use them to create usually rule breaking films. I researched the British New Wave cinema movement and saw that the directors wanted to start portraying the working class in an authentic way with realistic stories to show that they were feeling trapped within the system.

Slides on film movements:

Textual Analysis Recap

Macro and micro features of a film help explain the context. Macro being big ‘ideas’ like narrative and genre and micro being smaller ideas like sound, editing, cinematography, and mise-en-scene.

In this scene, the sound used, specifically in the beginning where the young boy is going under then coming back out of the water is useful for the audience to know which perspective is being used. This indicates that the perspective is of the boys but also shows the confusion of the whole scene and the characters within the scene, like the boy’s mother.

For other non-diegetic sound, the music in most of the scene’s background is a mix between Indian sounds and Who Wants to Be a Millionaire’s theme. This mixes the two locations of India’s streets and the WWTBAM studio and shows that the main character may have been subconsciously thinking about the incident while answering the questions.


Genre Analysis

Film genre is a macro element of film and is the overarching ‘theme’. This usually means the audience has an expectation of what will be in the film, for example in a horror people expect scary things like jumpscares. I studied the superhero genre and found the main themes are that the hero saves the city from the bad guy.

Genre analysis of the superhero genre:

Hollywood trailer:

Non Hollywood trailer:

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