The Dark Knight Narrative Analysis

Reflection on how far the hero’s journey is completed

Whilst Batman can be described as not a ‘typical hero’ due to his controversial decisions, he does complete a hero’s journey during The Dark Knight. During The Dark Knight Batman has to overcome his clever villain, The Joker, who throughout the film continues to surprise him. After The Joker robs the bank, Lucius Fox assists Batman by helping him make new equipment due to his call to adventure. Batman then continues his journey whilst The Joker tries to kill the commissioner and then storms the party. Batman then hits the crisis of his journey when Rachel is killed as The Joker forces him to choose whether to save Rachel or Dent. The treasure of his journey is when The Joker is caught however this soon becomes a catastrophe when The Joker corrupts Dent and he becomes two-faced. Batman’s new life during his journey is when he flees Gotham City in order to do what the city needs. During the resolution Batman is perceived as the villain and is disgraced.

Superhero Analysis


How does Batman subvert the heroic archetype?

Batman subverts the heroic archetype when he is extremely violent and abusive during the interrogation scene with The Joker. Unlike the typical hero archetype which always remains ethical, Batman ignores his morals and has the mindset of the by any means necessary. Many of his decisions are seen as controversial and he does not seek the spotlight.

Pan’s Labyrinth Final Essay Feedback

My self assessment:

T – My use of terminology was overall quite good.

E – I used good examples from the sequence and used images to clinically analyse what Del Toro did.

A – Analysis is good but to improve I need to ask the questions such as so what. For example I could have asked ‘What does Del Toro gain by doing this?’ and ‘What themes/issues does he import from War movies that aren’t in fantasy films?’

S – To improve I could have done a more detailed conclusion in order to summarise.