Evaluation Question 7

In this piece of work we answered Evaluation Question 7.

We answered question seven by gathering up all we have done throughout the year from the preliminary task all the way to our final thriller. We presented our question by making a YouTube video with all the facts and information about our years work.

Evaluation Question 6

In this document I answered evaluation question 6 ‘what have you learnt about technologies from the process of constructing this product?’.

I displayed my question in a table which helped me answer the question and describe what I did in these following elements of the production:

  • Research
  • Planning
  • Production
  • Post production
  • Presentation & feedback
  • Evaluation/Reflection



Draft 3 (Edit includes music and foley sounds)

This is my draft 3. In this draft I have added improvements and started to add sound tracks and foley sounds to make my thriller more interesting and professional. The sounds have helped to make my thriller stimulating,suspenseful and intriguing which then interns engages the audience.

This is the feedback we were given to improve our thriller in the next draft.

Our final targets:

  • Make Aidans breathing more prominent so it looks like he is struggling with the bag.
  • Add more dramatic music into the background for the non diegetic.
  • Have the main title shown in a more thrilling way which builds up the tension more.
  • Differ the change in volume and tempo.
  • Add more Foley sounds.
  • Have noticeable sounds when important moments happen in the sequence.


Sound Production and Editing

Here are some photos I have taken to create some non diegetic foley sounds for my thriller film to make my scene better quality.

The sounds include:

  • Bag movement
  • Syringe flicking
  • Door slam
  • Water dripping
  • Paper rustling
  • Footsteps

After recording our foley sounds we uploaded them onto Premiere Pro so that we could match them up to our video. We then changed the volume and pace on them to get them how we wanted them to be. The sounds gives an extra element of anxiety onto our film and looked great.

I used various tools when making my thriller such as volume and speed,voice recorder and Premiere Pro.

We changed the volume and sound of some of our recordings because they came out quiet, we also had to record them three times because the first recordings picked up voices in the background, the second recordings were bad quality, which then meant we knew how to get the sounds we wanted right in the third recording session.

We were offered the chance to edit on audacity, but we thought it worked better if we edited them on Premiere Pro, so we did that. I personally think the sounds came out how we wanted them to and worked well when applied to our thriller.