Draft 3 (Edit Includes Music and Foley Sounds)

This is my third draft for my thriller film. This includes non-diegetic, diegetic sounds and foley sounds recorded by Harry and I.

The video below is some feedback I received on my sound and music.


Based on this feedback these are a few of my targets:

  • Colour correction with a filter, I will most likely add a tint to make it darker.
  • Fade music before title and overlay a different piece of instrumentation.
  • More diegetic sounds i.e. clinking of bottles and goblets.
  • Change in sound when the gun is revealed.
  • Add sea gulls as apart of the dietetic ambient sound.

Sound Production and Editing

Harry and I went out to record some foley sounds to add to our thriller. These include a door creek for rigging, water swooshing for rowing and poring water for poring beer.

The water swooshing was too fast and had a high pitch which didn’t go with the oar rowing in the water. To change  this I put the sound file into audacity and changed the initial and final pitch which very discreetly distorted the sound and made it deeper.