Advert – Hand drawn mock up

In order to create our advert, we started with mapping out what we wanted to include on our advert by hand drawing it first. We added conventional features such as band name, title of album, image, when the album is out, where it’s available etc.

This is our hand drawn mock up of our advert:

hand drawn advert

Digipack – Risk Assessment

We have completed a risk assessment as we are using equipment that involves cameras and tripods which are expensive so we need to know that if there is a risk, we can control it to avoid damaging these technologies.

This is my risk assessment for our digipack:

digipack risk assessment

Digipack – Digital Mock-up – Feedback

We received feedback from our digital mock up with peers filling out a sheet which contained technical skills such as if ICT  and Photoshop skills have been used skillfully, whether mise-en-scene has been used correctly to illustrate the genre,  if the digipack and video relate etc.

This is the feedback sheet we were handed:

Digital Mock Up - Feedback


  • make the text bigger
  • take the colour out of some of the letters

Digipack – Digital Mock-up

Following on from our previous hand drawn mock up, we decided to create a digital version so we get more of an idea of how the final product will look like. We experimented with the colours, images and tools so we could use a few of these techniques into our actual digipack.

We went with a black and white theme as it is suitable for our genre and has worked out well. However, the items on the shelf in the front cover we thought could be in colour in order for them to stand out as they are important in terms of symbolising the songs on the track list.

This is our digital mock-up:

Front Cover:

Digital Mock Up - Front Cover

Inside Left & Right:

Digital Mock Up - Inside Left and Right

Back Cover:

Digital Mock Up - Back Cover

We printed the different covers and put them into a CD case so then we could receive feedback from our peers. In the printing process, the white colour on the digipack turned out as a slight yellow colour which we had not planned however this still related to the genre so as a group and from our feedback we will decide if we will keep the yellow tint or to make it white.


Digipack – Production Meeting Agenda

In order to carry out a photo shoot with the band efficiently, we created a document in which we can organise who is responsible for bringing particular props and/or costumes which fits the conventions for the Indie/Rock genre.  We included an outline of the shoot so that we don’t forget and the process should run smoothly.

This is our production meeting agenda for our digipack:


Digipack – Hand drawn mock up

In our group we had to create our own digipack and to begin the process we had to clearly map out how we wanted it to look like.

This is our hand drawn digipack mock up:

image edited


We labelled the key conventional features on our digipack that included the band name, album title, spine, image, record label, copyright information and bar code. From doing this, it made it easier for us for the digital mock up as we knew roughly how we wanted it to look like.

Digipack – Moodboard

We collected a range of images of digipacks of the Indie/Rock genre to get an idea what elements are conventional for this genre such as they typically have an illustration or a creative theme throughout which is what we have to consider when creating our own digipack. We specifically chose images that we thought was interesting and how we could incorporate the similar idea into our digipack.

This is our mood board for our digipack and it’s genre:

digipack moodboard

Risk Assessment – Narrative

When it comes to productively filming our music video, a risk assessment document needs to be completed to ensure that if there are any dangers/risks whilst in production, a teacher or someone with authority knows about it and so that we can keep safe.

This is my risk assessment:

image1 (2)


Production Meeting Agenda – Narrative

We created a production meeting agenda for our narrative shoot that was located at my house and at bordeaux. This was so that we had a clear idea of where we were filming, what the performer’s costume is and who was responsible for those items, what props we were bringing and who was responsible for that too and who was filming each sequence.

This is our narrative production meeting agenda:



We learnt that it is critical when it comes to planning the shoot so the process will run smoothly and quickly.

Narrative Storyboard

We created a narrative storyboard to help us when it came to filming our narrative. This document gives us a clear idea of the sorts of shots we should be capturing and what narrative events are taking place.

narrative storyboard 1

narrative storyboard 2